Can you preview slice trigs from the sequencer?

Hi there, couldn’t see an answer so sorry if I’ve used the wrong search terms (new user).

I have a sliced sample spread across trigs, sequenced slices play great, and can I can preview slices from the audio editor.

But can I preview slices from the sequencer? e.g. A trig/button combo which previews the slice assigned to each trig?

Hope that makes sense.



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Hold function and push the down arrow. Scroll to slices mode. Now the sequencer buttons play slices.


Thanks for that, forgot to mention that I’d used this.

I was hoping to be able to hear/play/tune a trig with all the modifcations on that particular trig if that makes sense. Assuming this isn’t possible.


Press play, you’ll hear the trig ! :slight_smile:

A workaround would be to shift the trigs with Fn + Left / Right Arrows until the concerned trig is on step 1. Press Play holding Stop and you’ll able to retrig that step and tune it.

Count shifts or place a one shot near the beginning of the sequence in order to identify it.

Oh! …so you want, like, to have a trig all decked out with p-locks and whatnot and then preview just that trig alone? Whew. Yeah, that’s not possible as of now. That would be cool though.

on the analogs if you play a keyboard note whilst you hold (step edit) the p-locked trig down you audition the trig

I say sorta as you are actually reprogramming the pitch/velocity - on the A4 this is easy, the locked note is highlighted and there’s no velocity, so you can sorta audition that trig with a key press

this works for AR and iirc may work with OT using an externally connected MIDI keyboard (or MIDI from somewhere, you can’t be in chromatic mode of course)

so there’s a possible path here, but the pitfall is that you are re-programming, so do so with care or copy


Interesting, will see if I can get that working, I understand what you mean about re-programming pitch/velocity with each hit so will be mindful of that.


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fwiw - especially on the analog 4 / k

the sequencer steps with various locks applied can be viewed as quick ‘presets’

so if you can play one handed (or at a push, shift a weight between trigs) you can dynamically play presets (even subtle changes can be fun, a quick FX send boost e.g.) - more fun one handed

it’d sure be nice on all the devices to have a global trigger-command which played teh held trig as it would if transport was engaged - a variation of Step+Yes or so for a quick audition, or step+play (where holding the step prevents the play engaging transport)

Doesn’t seem to work unfortunately. You can change pitch only, without trigging.
I tried chromatic range and track sample trig.

I’d try what I mentioned above (Fn+Arrows to shift trigs), eventually with Play Free Tracks.

@avantronica Thanks for A4’s tip btw, I didn’t know that. My dream would be the ability to save plocked trigs directly in Soundpool holding a trig and press yes with a selected slot. :heart_eyes:

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