Can you route Midi In (din) to USB Midi Thru?

I have an external keyboard connected to my A4mk2’s Midi In and I want to be able to use that ext keyboard to play into Midi tracks in Ableton. The A4 is connected to Ableton via USB.
Is it possible for me to send the din Midi In to USB/Midi Thru??

Absolutely possible

Helpful. Cheers.

Hi! Are you able to explain how this routing works? I thought the MIDI Din In was not connected to the USB Midi. It can go to Midi Thru Din not a problem.

The key is autochannel: whatever you play on it will go thru the midi out (no matter if din or usb). For an in-deep explanation, read manual from page 43 to page 47


With auto channel you then can’t send multiple channels of Midi through the Midi In to the USB, is that correct? It only passes through the data on the audio channel.

Not sure what you want to achieve. In case you want to play a keyboard, go thru elektron and hear a VST in the computer, then yes is possible

The confusion is, is that Electron devices don’t pass all midi data from the DIN to the USB. So using an A4 as a USB midi port to a computer, and having multiple channels from an Octatrack sending data to play multiple soft synths isn’t, from my experience possible. So yes, the external midii can be used to control soft synths in Live, but there are caveats. Anyway, I was curious to know if you had found a way around this.