Can't find the 'Sound Settings' menu!?

Hi there,

This is driving me crazy, I’m reading the manual but I just can’t understand how to get from the ‘Sound Manager’ menu to the ‘Sound Settings’ menu
The deepest I can get to is a menu list that ends with ‘send sysex’ in the Sound Manager
How the hell do I get to the area that has Sound Settings so that I can alter the chromatic settings of a Sound>?!>?

Any help greatly appreciated


fn+sound, then scroll down, then yes.


fn+[any Sound page button], e.g. fn+synth


Am I going crazy or is this not clearly written in the manual? It seems to jump from explaining the Sound Manager options and then jumps to Sound Settings but gives no info on how to actually access the Sound Settings menu. Aah well, got there now anyway thanks to you, cheers