Cant get stupid repeated patterns out of my head. Any tips?

If a regular pattern is created and looped ive found its doing me noggin in lately. Same with artists i listen too. If its a pop song or tune it gets somehow embedded for days. I know about the trick of listening to the last few bars to eradicate it forever. But this is ruining my music creativity. Im beginnning to detest repetitive cycles. Anyone else? Maybe just me but whays starts out as a tune i love becomes a monster if i listen to it a few times. I know where to go is Random generated sounds. But what i want is Random and Harmony. And Harmony usually means loops to tie the track together(i think). Can i craft a track thats Random and Harmonic(ie a tune) and one that wont get stuck. Cheers guys.


The OP-Z’s sequencer has a nice randomise feature which I think (I think) randomises in-key. Not suggesting buying one of those, but, maybe this is something you could look at experimenting with, to be your ear’s coffee-beans XD

I would also suggest looking at non-music-related things that might be going on for you - for me, I know that being stressed out can get musical loops stuck in my head for hours or days and it makes me even more stressed out ^^ I have a list of a few artists whose music I can usually rely on to make me feel calm and good again. And doing physical activity usually helps me get out of my head.

With the benefit of hindsight, when I’ve been in similar ruts where I end up with a loop and I just can’t move on from it it’s usually been down to me. Kind of like a “creative tank is empty” kind of thing. I just move on to either chilling away from music for a bit or doing some housekeeping and tidying of my drives/templates/projects. Basically do mundane or non music stuff to let my brain soak up ideas again!

In terms of trying randomisation out and things, if you have Live, there are a few nice Max devices that do all of this pretty well and help to keep things moving forward.

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Cheers guys. Good to know im not the only one who experiences this. Relaxation is a must your right. And you can listen too much for perfection in music production. I like the ideas of randomness you mentioned but somehow with a theme or musicality that holds it together. Any artists you can lead me too might help. Thinking back when i listened to Enos Airport music that didnt stick. But it was kinda musical. You get the drift:).