Can't hear FX1/FX2 on thru track. help pease

Having an issue with not being able to hear FX1/FX2 when using thru track on Track 1.
I can hear the audio from Virus thru OT inputs AB. I have OT midi track triggering Virus on Channel 1 (midi) Mixer setting for input AB set to “A B” not “A+B”.
Do I need to set up neighbor track after ? I can hear effects on other tracks i.e. static , flex.
Read through the manual on effects and thru tracks I clearly must be missing something.
Thanks in advance

Do you have trig on step 1?

Yes but I will check again as I was up late this morning trying different methods. Im pretty sure I was repeating the same steps over @ 2am ? thanks will try now

Make sure thru track has a trig. Also, make sure to turn up volume/gain on thru track src page for AB (not in mixer page). Let us know if that doesn’t help

@other Thanks jumping between midi and mix page I missed something somewhere though I was able to trigger the Virus and hear the synth through the OT outs but the effects were no go. Trigger on thru track works but effects were barely audible @ oroboro
thanks turned up gain on thru track was the second part of the problem.
All good now !
I have been working out the kinks for my new setup and this was the one thing that got me go figure damn OTMKII ( love hate relationship)
FYI new setup is OTMKII / Virus TI2 / SP-16 and iPad running various bread and butter synths and Cubasis and/or Auria Pro as DAW.

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