Cant seem to find any good soundpacks for MD

yeah, searching for MD soundpacks doesnt come up with much!

ive seen the 808/909 ones, im after stuff for techno/electro/experimental


Do you have UW? If so, check out the ones at - or you already got them. here you can download almost 28000 free samples of drummachines, percussion and other noises.

I use the UW part for looping/sampling anything from our clarinet to static from the AM, it’s perfect. I considered it my mini octatrack, before I bought that. Same as with the OT, you can shape and mangle your samples to such extremes with the ram/rom machines that you can make anything work for your piece or set.

Dunno if it’s good, but it can lend itself well to the experimental side of things. DPO sampled straight into MD.

As Dataline says, start with the soundpacks from Elektron – they’ve provided us with a good number, all made specifically for the MD and available for free. Mixing and matching samples from the different sets I expect will get you a few good samplebanks’ full for those genres. (The first group they put out a couple years back were mostly traditional drums, then later there was a second round made primarily of modular noises that beg to be use experimentally.)

Among commercially made samplepacks, the only one I know off top of my head is this one. S2S said they’d make more if it sold well enough, no followup yet.

If you’re into doing tuned/melodic stuff, I also recommend trying out some of the single-cycle waves from Adventure Kid. All free, and likely more than you’ll ever find use for.

sorry - i didnt make myself clear -

i have a googles-worth of samples, i wanted kits utilizing the engine, to get me kickstarted into using it, rather than samples…

currently i just fill it with samples & feel i might be missing out a lot by just using that part of it, especially with the ctrl-all things that can be done with the engine


This PDF has enough tips for programming the MD!

It should at least get you going

Google Machinedrum Tips 1 and 2 by Wesen. Together they’re a good introduction to sound design with the internal synth engines (and using samples too).

Don’t miss the files section of the old Elektron-Users forum either. Lots of sysex got uploaded there before the UW version even existed.

On that note, the entire old forum is frankly a treasure trove of information and a little searching will net you lots of useful ideas.

If you’re just using samples on the MD, then you ARE missing a lot of the machine’s potential.

You just have to dig in and get your hands dirty. You’ll learn a lot by just experimenting.