Case for two Digi-instruments

I think I’m going to be taking a trip up to Boston soon. Going to meet a buddy that I used to make music with when I lived up there.

What’s a good method/case for transporting my Digits onto the plane?

Thank you

I think this is a really nice case that would fit two Digi-sized units.

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Or just wrap them in clothes in your suitcase.


check the weight allowance

i really like Pelican cases. Here’s their list of cases that fit on airplanes:

…Pelican cases are really nice if you’re prone to running over your cases with your car or need to make a fast getaway underwater.

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Elektron’s legacy carrying bag ECC-2 will actually fit 2 square format Elektron units if:

  1. You pull out the velcro inserts
  2. You fit them with PL-2S square lids
  3. Flip one the other way

DO NOT CHECK. Only carry-on. I’ve done this 4+ times.
This bag can count as your “laptop” bag.

Read the fine-print, too, some airlines actually allow 1 additional “small musical instrument” in a case and I’ve carried them on with that status, too.

In the near future, the upcoming ECC-4 Bag shown at the last NAMM will hold 2 square units really snuggly.


Perfect! I KNEW there was a reason I held onto that bag!

Thank you for your science!

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I´m also looking for a nice affordable carrybag for a Takt & Tone combo.
I found an MPC Live bag that seemed suitable, but I´m not sure about it…
What do you think?

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You mean a case for two Digstruments?..

Have you read A Tale of Two Digis?

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@RhythmDroid Where did you see this?

@khaled It was hanging on a hook, situated among other accessories in the corner of the Elektron booth Staff said it’s coming very soon, but I don’t know exactly when. It’s the same new look and materials as the ECC-3, which just came out, so I imagine it’s not far off.

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Damn! I just discovered what you meant by legacy!