CF Card failed : OT frozen and unresponsive

I am sure this happened to the other people - original Elektron CF card is not visible anymore and i cannot boot the OT MK2. I cannot see it in any of the computers i attach it to.
I never moved the card since I got it in year ago, and i have not messed with it at all physically.
Can someone suggest 64GB card you know works with the OT?

A lot of similar topics, even from this week…
I can recommend Sandisk Extreme.


most similar issues reported afaict are actually demonstrating that the issue isn’t derived from card handling, but is instead one stemming from drive ejecting/un-mounting ‘hygiene’ … one has to be very very careful when handing over control of the card to the computer to ensure that the handing back is done without glitch, error or impatience

in this regard, the card spec isn’t the make or break factor and speed benefits are debatable - but using a SanDisk card is a fairly safe starting point, there are many topics with specific recommendations and cards that won’t play ball


I have a stellar habbit of ejecting/unmounting any peripherial properly before disconnecting so this doesn’t apply to me. My wife who lives from photography told me “those crash all the time”, got the same comment from my friend who dabbled with photography. So I don’t see why I should pay for Elektron’s choice to use these in MK2 - I already payed for the brand new OT - since I already lost tons of saved projects and samples, if card cannot be restored.

It’s perhaps less obvious when applied to musical devices, but given that there’s no price that can be put on your time and creativity you really ought to be backing up constantly, just as per with a computer etc. The card hassles are the least of your worries compared to the lost creativity, it really ought to be something that any of us can do and that is to produce a backup card when that moment comes. Everything that matters to me is backed up, but not nearly often enough, it’s a pain, but with this thought in mind I’d recommend getting a card size that you will be inclined to backup rather than the largest. If the issue hasn’t arisen from handling or mounting then ask Elektron about what could be causing the issue.

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Sucks to hear man @Earlsfield78. Don’t let it get to you. :beers:

Came across this topic when I was researching the max storage CF card that the OT accepts before buying OT and it scared me into buying a CF card before the OT arrived. I’ve been using a Sandisk Extreme 64gb card as my main card for about 7 months.

Here’s a link to the CF Card thread and to a post made by @PaskalEclair with a picture/link of the card I’ve been using with no errors so far.

Also. I wrote to Elektron about my dead original CF card. They sent me another one. (top notch support !!).


Personally I don’t want another Elektron card. I was on my second one and lost months of work when it inevitably also died. They seem to have very bad cards. Every Elektron Octacard I’ve had has lost my work, so I’d rather pay full price for SanDisk or similar.

Yes, I know backups should be more frequent, but that’s easier said than done, considering there’s no way to automatically back up from an Octatrack.

I am not going to pay extra money for the card if I don’t have to buy extra, I purchased 1100£ flagship sampler brand new, it was their decision to go with Cf as oposed to whatever is storage for Digitakt when they were designing MK2. Especially as I have almost OCD-like necessity to properly eject any peripherial hardware and eject/unmount prior to physically removing. The card is definitely the culprit, I can’t see it anywhere.

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Well it is still in warranty if you only had it a year, contact support and they will send a new card.

Yeah, well not in my case.

I’m sure there are cases where people fail to unmount before removing the physical media though. If you truly have data that indicates people don’t know how to unmount, a thing that could be improved is the Octatrack manual around USB disk mode. Here’s the text from the manual:

Enables the USB connection. Connect the Octatrack MKII to a computer using a USB cable, select USB
DISK MODE and press [YES] to make the Compact Flash card appear as an external mass storage
device to the computer. When the Octatrack MKII is connected to a computer via USB audio pools can
be filled with content. For more information, please see “7.2.1 ADDING CONTENT TO THE AUDIO POOL”
on page 27.
Unmount the Octatrack MKII from your computer operating system before you exit USB

When you connect the cable, is the Octatrack powered on or off? Is the computer powered on or off?

I don’t use USB disk mode (I use an external CF card reader) because the documentation is unclear and these cards seem so sensitive. It would be nice to use USB disk mode, but the instructions are unclear and that would go against my very good mounting/unmounting hygiene.

(Edited out a long rant, because it read as something more negative than it needed to be. I’ll stop ranting and just say that losing creative work sucks)

The new one they sent is a Sandisk. (And I even bought the OT second hand !)


Yeah? Ok, that’s good. Thanks for letting me know. I’m never going near an Octacard again. Lol

Elektron support has been awesome - asked me to perform func test, after which they sent me a new CF card.
Thanks to the company and the great guys from support.


To conclude this topic,
I have recived Sundisk 32 gig card from Elektron. Thanks guys!