Chain patterns A11-A16

hi folks,

without using the song mode,
how would I chain patterns
A11 A 12 A13 A14

now I am running out of fingers!

A15 and A16 ???

i dont like the way the display changes in song mode! so I really like the pattern chain mode …

just sold my AR and now I am really committed to learning the MD UW + 's architecture!

thanks for all tips!

Hold Bank A then press & hold 13, add 14 then 15 then 16. That’s it.

thanks you VERY much!

Be careful to press them in order without overlapping them…otherwise Pattern selection gets freezed (you will not able to select another pattern) and the only way I know to reset to normal operation is a reboot----------!

hey sicijk,

thanks for the advice ---- I experienced that problem once, really pissed me off!

but I thought the problem really kicks in if you press the pattern select buttons more than 1 of a time … anyways, i will be careful … as far as i know elektron knows about this bug, and ignores it. … bad elektron BAD BAD BAD


Interesting side note to this is that the patterns don’t have to be sequential!
i.e. Select A13 then A15 then A14 then A16, try it :slight_smile:

Oh yeah…sure! !

So can you also chain patterns on the 1st version of Machinedrum to overcome the 32 step sequencer?

Yes. And use Song Mode, too.


Cool thanks!