Chain the effects on different patterns?

Hello I’m making a beat on the digitakt im wondering if is possible that when I change something on the pattern affect to the other patterns at the same time
I hope make sense

It’s not possible on the Digitakt. What you are referring to is called a Kit (A4 and AR only).

Or maybe you’re referring to Global FX? In that case, you can enable Gobal FX/Mix in the Settings menu.

Edit : adding MD and MnM in the machines with Kits (@Schnork).

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Yeah, like @Tchu mentioned, on the Digitakt it´s only possible for the effects. Open the settings menu, go to Global FX/Mix and you can choose Delay, Reverb, Compressor, Internal Mixer and External Mixer. The settings will then affect all patterns in the project.

Just in case anyone´s wondering; Machinedrum and Monomachine also have kits, the Octatrack has parts, which are basically equivalent to kits and the Analog Keys has of course kits as well.

*A kit basically saves your parameters and settings and you can then choose which patterns get assigned to which kit. As an example, you can have a kit called “Intro” and assign the first two patterns of a bank to that kit. When you change from the first pattern to the second, your parameters on the tracks and your fx settings don´t change. The next four patterns could all be linked to a kit called “Part A”, then two patterns to a kit “Part B” and two patterns to a kit “Outro”.
Within the kits, you can transition smoothely from pattern to pattern.
If you want the Digitakt, Digitone etc. behaviour, give each pattern its own kit.

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I completely forgot about this. Thanks for correcting my post.

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Which is why Elektron should really include kits on all machines. Love my Syntakt but man do I miss the kits that I have on all my other ones…

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I proposed ‘Pattern Grouping’ to help resolve this issue. My feature request to Elektron went unheard though. I only got the standard auto-reply.

I think this would be a reasonable compromise for the Digiboxes. A full Kit/Part structure might be too resource intensive but Pattern Grouping should take a minimal amount of code and resources to implement.

I really hate having a 4 pattern song and needing to copy parameter pages back and forth every time I make an edit.


I feel u :slight_smile: