Chaining patterns

I’m a little confused by chaining patterns. It seems like you can only have the first pattern once. Like if I wanted A1->A1->A1->A2

You need to hold [PTN] and first pattern then chain from there?

I saved this screen shot a long time ago because it’s a tricky thing to remember. This works on the Digitakt, but I haven’t tried it on the Syntakt yet.


Yup this is a very stupid workaround (like stupid that this is what we have to do) but it works!

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seriously…i really wish they would figure out a way to save chained patterns, but guessing that isn’t going to happen at this point.


Is it mostly a philosophical thing? Seems like they are trying to encourage live play of patterns and not relying on a chain.

Yeah, It seems like they don’t want the digi-boxes to have that feature. It really isn’t a deal breaker by any means as I still own the trinity…haha. Would just make it helpful sometimes to remember if you have a certain order you want them to play and then come back to the box a month later and forget


Maybe copy/paste the patterns into a different bank in the correct order?

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I see chains as a performance tool. Loop pattern A, set up the chain; play B, C and whatever else; disengage the chain when you reach the end.

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ya… you’re right. I guess I’m just wondering why it’s under designed and it seems like a choice on their end to make it less useable…

I guess it could be more an issue with form factor and having all the extra control functionality in these complicated button combos

Chains works well. I think it’s just weird you can’t save and recall them. If they did that, it would be good enough for what I want from a “song mode” (not expecting to ever see the OT feature on the Digi boxes)

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