Change forum software!

This might be a tough request for you Elektron guys since this is your baby, but as I see it it would be much better if you used some standard forum software instead of creating a new one from scratch (obvious from the bug fixing you have to do)

All the expected functionality would be there from start, and Elektron could focus on providing content instead. Cool tutorials, videos, sound banks etc.

Big fan of phpbb

…but I definitely agree. All the little things that kept elektron-users from being enjoyable have just been replaced with shinier, updated little things that keep me from really liking this site.

All love please, appreciate having it, just think it could be improved.

I dunno, the missing essentials seem fairly easy to implement.

I like it’s uncomplicated, minimal functionality. Really all it needs is a few minor tweaks.

Myself, I am more of a vBulletin guy… :slight_smile:

I hope that Elektron has a good reason for creating their own forum software, perhaps integration with the main Elektron site or something similar.As for vBulletin all it takes is a few hours of work and then you will have a forum up and running, including everything one might need.

In my opinion it is a waste of time and money inventing the wheel yet another time…

I like the idea that their site is custom (just like their machines: unique). Even though some aspects of navigation and use might be more familiar with a phpbb style site, IMHO it would be kind of boring and less “special”.

There are so many sites like that everywhere; I just don’t see Elektron undoing what they created to go with a cookie-cutter site…

As an owner and admin of various forums, I agree: phpbb3 is the best open source solution, the best for ergonomy, and the best to improve discussion, chat or debate.

I was really hoping we were getting a Phpbb forum as well. Just bring back the Mark All Forums Read…