Change Kits with MIDI?

Is it possible ?
I can’t find any info in the MIDI chart. Except for SysEx messages. Am I right ?

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Je me pose la même question mais je crois qu’on ne peut pas (à part avec un MiniCommand ?)

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I’m working on a M4L device to send SysEx. Hopefully I’ll sort it out.

Well. Good news for me.
Ableton Live now can send SysEx messages via M4L. It appears to be dead easy to code so…bingo !

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Sad it’s not possible without a DAW

Yeah. Anyway, here’s the link to the M4L device (I told you it was easy to code !).

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of course you can change the kits. over a DAW or over other hardware gear. along with the patterns. what do you think why there’s a Program Change function (manual page 60) in the General Options Menu? :roll_eyes:

That’s not true.
You can change patterns with program changes. In extended mode, that will indeed change the associated kit.
What if you want to change the kit in the middle of a pattern ?
What if you don’t use the MD sequencer ?
In my case, I want to heavily automate kit changes, and I sequence everything from Ableton Live.
Here’s what I’m talking about, using the device I just wrote :


What if you want to change kit without losing your pattern? :slight_smile:

i don’t know what you want to explain exactly, but you can copy/paste a Pattern, lets say A1 to A2 and link it to another Kit. so when you change a Pattern, the Kit will change too.

I edited my previous post for the sake of clarity.

Changing patterns and associated kits seems a simple solution, especially if you sequence MD externally (OT in my case).
If you want to change kits only while playing a pattern I think it’s doable with a midi processor, mapping a CC to MD Sysex variable concerning kit number.
Quite sure I can do it with Event Processor Plus.

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Thanks for pointing me the Event Processor.
But I’m using Ableton Live so I’m super happy with my device that sends sysex.