Change pattern

hi everybody i’m new, i don’t know if this is a old topic but i didn’t find anything about this.
the question is this, there’s a way to change pattern and don’t need to take the same sample for each track? i mean, i skip from pattern A01 to A02, on tracks i have the same sample and if i change sample or something in patt. A02 OT do the same changes in patt. A01, there’s a method so i can change pattern end putt the samples i want o i have to change project?

peace guys!

Use Parts or sample locks or sample chains.

I recommend that you download and read Merlin’s “Some thoughts on Elektron’s Octatrack” document.

I prefer sample locks over switching parts; but, PeterHanes’ advice is spot on.

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thank you for quick feedback, i will try your method :slight_smile:

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