Change time scale discreetly

I was recently experimenting with using the advanced options in the scale menu. Say I have two tracks that make up my rhythm section. Is there a way I could change their time scale during playback, but have the change take effect discreetly?

Currently, If I change the time scale it takes effect immediately. This makes it difficult to have that track’s sequence line up correctly. Especially if going from 1x to 2x, since there’s the 3/2x option in between them.


Sorrily “no”. While timing the right moment may be possible by counting the bars (or if master length isn’t INF by just watching the page leds) until a reset happens, the problem with the “in between” values cannot be overcome. The only workaround is to set up two patterns with the same kit in advance and switch between the patterns (may require copy & pasting the trigs before switching when you changed them).


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I don’t know. That sounds pretty confusing! Do you think you could do it for me? Help please!

Of course I can copy the pattern and double time the tracks I want. And if I were creating a chain/song that’s exactly what I’d do. I was just asking if there’s a way to do it on the fly because that would be a cool feature imo.

Relax. I wasn’t even complaining.


Why the weird attitude? It’s a perfectly valid question, and is something I wish was available - that the on-the-fly changing of scale/length settings was quantized.


…touche…touche…it’s just sometimes sad to see that it’s never enough…

and yes… realtime half and double speed right on spot would be nice…truu.

Far for ideal, just for information, if you press the knob you can switch between 1/8x and 2x directly.


…that’s good to know…sezare, again…u seem to know it ALL…

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I just tried a little bit harder! :content:

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…guess so…obviously…