Changing parameters simultaneously on the 4 tracks

I’m trying to use the Digitone as a massive 4 layers synth. Is there a way to change for example amp decay or filter on the 4 tracks at the same time in real time and in the box ?
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Absolutely, hold the midi button down as you adjust any parameter.

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Oh. It’s that simple. It feels so good tho !
Thank you so much for you’re help.

This is what we call “Control All” or “CTR-AL” . The fun thing is, when you have a pattern you’ve already saved you can do the control all by holding down midi and adjusting parameters, then press FUNC + NO to revert back to the pattern’s saved state.


This is crazy good. Thank you. I knew it but forgot. There are so many things to remember, I guess that’s what make Elektron gears real instruments.

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