Changing patterns on the Octatrack/AK/Rytm via Midi

I would like to change pattern on my Elektron machines via Midi or Note messages from my Akai MPC Live. Bank change messages are not working because my Elektron gear starts the requested sequence one bar late and I have no clue how to get my head around this problem.
Has anyone here used the black trinity successfully in a similar way?
Any help is very welcome.

Try to send Program Changes before.

…unfortunately the Program and Bank Change Command is linked to the Sequence page of the MPC Live. It is triggered when the sequence appears… So I thought about a Midi Message that I could place before the start of the loop in a separate midi sequence of the MPC.

did you try to turn off the “receive note” on trinity so it will not triggered by Mpc

Well I would like to trigger my Elektron gear but I want them to change patterns when requested on the 1 of the next loop. And for know everything is 1 bar late…

In Mpc Live you should be able to write Prog Changes where you want.

I know, but as I haven’t found a solution for it so far, I thought maybe someone here already ran into this including a positive result.

So here we go again… Any synth will change it’s sound whenever I dial in a program change number on my MPC Live but not the Elektron boxes via the auto channel . Someone mentioned that I can change pattern (which is what I actually wanna achieve) on the Elektron machines with midi notes cause when I use program change that pattern changes but not in time (as mentioned before). But I can’t find those specific notes and do not know how to proceed here.
Any help would be so extra specialy welcome!
Thanks and enjoy Sunday!

the Patterns change in time. Its rather a setup thing i assume. If your sequence has the same length as the patterns on the Elektron Boxes there should be no issues with PC messages.

Did a video several months ago, check it out. Although its more like an overview instead of detailled Exploration of the possibilities, you may still find something that is useful for you. Give it a try :wink: The only issue that i had was the Automation of these PC Messages. But thats another story.

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Thanks a lot for the info. I actually managed to have the PC on time with my AK but the OT is still one loop behind. I will check your video tomorrow, I’m done for today :smiley: But again thank you and I will definitely check this video first thing in the morning! Buenas Noches

The Analog Keys has this: it’s the Multi Map feature in its PAT.PLAY mode. The AR does not.

The OT allows its tracks to be triggered by MIDI note messages. the list is given in Appendix C of the manual.

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Thanks for your input Peter!
I managed to change pattern on the AK in time by now with no problems occurring while using simple Program Change Messages from the LIVE. Like this I can use it in my MPCworkflow and still get hold of all the advantages of the ElektronSequencer like the trigs asf. I would like to achieve the same thing with my OT and in the video of the DIGITAKT I can see that this little machine eats those data as well. So I have to hold on and keep trying. And than I will see what I can do about this subject on my AR later :smiley:
…by the way: when the OT is stopped it changes pattern instantly when I dial in Program Change Messages on LIVEend, but as soon as I have the Octatrack running (as a slave to my MPC Live) it will change the received Pattern Change Message exactly one loop later which is a pain in the ass when it comes to recording a finished track. In a live situation I don’t mind that much as the OT only handles the stranger sounds and some funky tweaking and I change the pattern myself

…where do the CCnumbers in ProgramEdit on the LIVE come from? Here in my display in ProgramEditMode it is only numbered 2,3,4,5,6, etc for the AK but for the OT it shows up… What Am I missing?

if i remember right there was guess-work involved in that. there is no documentation from Akai on that matter. I counted out the CC numbers that were there and hit the right one after a while. Yet another thing i hated about the Live, but … thats another story :wink:

It’s only an instrument no need to hate :smiley: I will figure it out at some point I guess…
But thanks anyhow!

I will not give up until I found a solution… The problem sticks like s…t. The OCTATRACK and the ANALOG KEYS do change their pattern when I send Program Change Messages from my MPC Live but they are ONE LOOP LATE, still… On the AK the light for the pattern running changes when the message hits but the synth reacts one loop late :frowning:
I’m sure there is someone here who has the answer to this question I just have to ask often enough. So here is the next attempt to get this problem solved. Is there maybe any ElektronSpecialist here in the forum with a solution that doesn’t start with: Well the problem is on the MPC end, …c’mon…

Why don’t you use transitions sequences?
I’d place Prog Changes manually on the Mpc Live, like I will do on my Mpc 500.

The only way to send a ProgChngMsg I do see is in the Main SEQwindow (Programm and Bank Change) and those messages seem to be poison for the ElektronGear… Could you please explain how you do it? Because YES I simply could work with that one loop lag, but would like to avoid it when it comes to arranging a track. Because my MOOG, JUNO, Modular have no problem to be on time…

In step edit you should be able to add Prog Changes to tracks, or many other events. I did it with Mpc 1000, I don’t know more about recent Mpcs.

Yes, I know it from my MPC 1000 as well… But nope, so far not possible with MPC 2.0 software. It even worked in my MPC 4000.