Changing up my samples in the Rytm +Drive

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I’ve had my Rytm for many years and have always added new samples to the (unfortunately small) 1gb +Drive. The time has come for me to get rid of lots of them because I’m sick of them, and to use fresh samples. I haven’t been able to find clear information on this forum or the manual about how to remove samples the right way without stuffing up projects. Octatrack has a great feature that lets you save samples to the project, but the Rytm does not.

So what is the best way to swap out a large % of +Drive samples for new ones without destroying projects? From what I’ve read, that seems hard to avoid, but the workaround would be to copy all samples from the +Drive to a folder on my computer, then just go ahead and delete whatever I want on the +Drive and replace the space with new samples. If I encounter a project with missing samples, then I go back to that saved folder on my computer and just transfer them ‘anywhere’ (Since apparently it links them automatically as long as the sample is unchanged) back to the +Drive. Is this seriously the best method? It seems dangerous and silly.

I have only played around with it briefly, so I would definitely wait for a second opinion, but the Transfer app by Elektron should get you sorted.
I think the way to go about this would be to backup all of your projects, which will include the samples for each project. Then you would delete any samples from the +drive that you do not want to keep (or all samples /or complete factory reset). Then you would reload your individual projects, and in theory the samples for each project will repopulate the +drive storage. Or something like that…

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That does sound like a good method, but I wasn’t sure how you could backup the projects + the samples at the same time. I thought it included everything except the sample files themselves.

Do backups of the projects with Transfer. It does save the associated samples with it.
It might be a good way to clean up space : you backup all projects, then erase all the samples. Then reload the saved projects from the computer to the AR. You’ll end up with only the sample you use in the project, plus plenty of space to load new samples.


Ah that’s awesome, I didn’t know you could do that with Transfer. Will try that. Thank you!

Yeah it’s surprisingly unclear in the documentation…
I had the opportunity, as a regular paranoid man, to make backups and load them on another AR and it’s working perfectly.