Changing volume on REV2 Layer B with Digitone MIDI

This is going to be a needle in a haystack:

Has anyone here used the Digitone with a Rev2 in multimode?

Have you figured out how to adjust the volume on JUST layer B?

The volume controller 7 on page 5 “Amp” adjusts BOTH layers.

You need to use NRPN to access each layer program volume.

P90 of the manual specifies that Layer A is NRPN 29 while Layer B is NRPN 2077. Value range from 0-127.

  1. CC99 = 2077 / 128 = 16
  2. CC98 = 2077 % 128 = 29
  3. CC6 = 80 / 128 = 0
  4. CC38 = 80 % 128 = 80

set a trigless trig(green one) FUNC+trig with the following value. then you can change CC38 from 0-127 to change the volume.

Layer A would be:

  1. CC99 = 29 / 128 = 0
  2. CC98 = 29 % 128 = 29
  3. CC6 = 80 / 128 = 0
  4. CC38 = 80 % 128 = 80

It kinda make it easy to remember as they use the remainder of Layer B to choose Layer A NRPN value.


A SINCERE “thank you” Blake. You are very kind to help me out.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand at all what you just typed there.

I know what a trigless trig is. The rest of that doesn’t make any sense to me.

How do I send the above? Do I need to use 4 of the CC select knobs and 4 of the CC value knobs?

Do I choose 99? or 16? or 29? or 80? and where do I choose this? and what do these numbers represent? MSB? LSB?

Sorry, I just don’t have the IQ to understand this.

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Somehow I got it to work.

I found a page discussing the NRPN.

Conceptually, I don’t under the logic behind this.

Somehow the device is sending two commands on 99 and 98 = 16 and 29. This allows another knob to adjust the volume. It works! But it’s like magic to me.

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yes, exactly!

On a MIDI track where you can set which CC to use.
Choose one set to CC 99, one to CC98, one to CC6 and one to CC38.
What each CC does is written on the screen.
Then in the value you set 16, 29, 0 and then the desired volume


Yes, it does work.

It is strange. I got rid of the CC6 and it still works.

Blake!!! Thank you!!!

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CC only allows 128 parameters from 0-127.
but what if you wanna give access to 130 parameters?
That’s where NRPN is used.
You can use 2 CC to recreate the number 130.
the first CC is a multiple of 128. so if you set CC99 to 1, it really means 128. and if you set CC98 to 2, the program will assume 128+2 = 130.
and 2 CC to set the value (because you could use more than 128 for the value too).
That’s just a nomenclature to allow numbers bigger than 128.

the manual says Layer B NRPN for the volume is 2077.
so you need to divide this by 128. it gives you 16…
16 x 128 = 2048
2077 - 2048 = 2077 % 128 = 29
2048 + 29 = 2077

and it’s the exact same thing for the value.
the value is between CC range here so if you skip the first multiplier (= 0 = default value), it will work but you should put it there to not forget about it haha

Glad if you got it working