Chase Bliss Audio MOOD

It looks like they are different. Here is an article Chase Bliss posted describing the difference between the two.


I am intrigued by the MOOD. The Envelope setting on the Drolo side, and the Slip setting on the OBNE side seem very interesting. It also looks like you can sort of bounce back and forth between the channels, so the interaction between the two channels could bring some interesting results.

This is not Eurorack - huge difference in and of itself.

although I suppose you could get 4ms Pods to transform either Eurorack module into a pedal.

Create a Google spreadsheet and use it to make your own comparison chart :wink:

lots of cool mono effect boxes out there…

maybe time to invest in a mixer? :thinking:

With a good mixer, I think this pedal would be a great edition for the DT.

It looks like it has midi cc capability as well for the different parameters, but you would need the chase bliss midi box, or maybe something similar.

Oh man ! :heart_eyes:

:smile: gotta love chase bliss


Straight up. Before my decent mixer died, I used to run a looper and some FX on the Aux Send so I could send different inputs to it… Mad fun.

Had one and sold it along with a pile of gear. Somewhere along the way I realized that a lot of cables and gear bring me anxiety and now I enjoy the form factor of the 3 small elektron boxes next to each other. Probably will buy the Particle v2 someday


Following the Blooper development, it seems like it’s morphed over time as they fine-tune how they want it to work. I guess MOOD is a by-product that popped out during the Blooper development when they stumbled onto a cool feature set. I think this is also a first for Chase Bliss, where they had a pedal launch with a lot of prominent YouTube folks supporting. I hope they bolstered the server for their webshop!

Think the way Hainbach says “mOOOooo…d” in his video was enough to sell me on it

It is the result of a collaboration with not one, but two other pedal makers: Drolo and Old Blood Noise Endeavors.

For me this is causing problems because now I am looking at the the other two makers’ websites, trying to quell GAS for a Molecular Disruptor, Stretch Weaver, Procession Reverb…


Looks pretty fun.

This is tensor, particle, outward and fabrikat competition yes? The notes that come back from it sound really BOLD and a bit cold in these videos, or no? Can they be lo-fi’d at all?


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Goddamnit. I’m feeling a lot of love for this lil’ MOOD… Maybe time to shuffle off the last of the very-special-pedal pile!

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.


(This is why I have one, modestly-sized pedalboard and no stray wires or PSUs anywhere)

What else is on the chopping block? Was ultimately too skint to grab anything from the first wave but it all looked very nice!

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Here’s the manual - maybe you can find something. I don’t see a bitrate control or anything:

If I got this thing, I’d likely stick it into one of the send-return loops of a VFE Klein Bottle, which has built-in HPF and LPF to darken or brighten whatever I see fit.


Still the AMA, Kilobyte, and Thermae. I may let the Infinite Jets go, too… oh, and there’s the Fender EOB Strat. Love it to bits but my 97’ Tele is the guitar and, honestly, I don’t need two these days.

caved in & just ordered one of these 'lil suckers

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