Chase Bliss Audio MOOD

In lieu of ‘Blooper’ it seems like the Chase Bliss family have done it again…! Time to lock up the ol’ wallet.


It’s mono:(


Oh damn I was wondering about Blooper just yesterday! Awesome!

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…and that’s a problem because?

“two channel” had me there for a sec… too bad

Chase Bliss pedals seem amazing but the lack of stereo makes them unsuitable for me for general purpose fx’ing


But then great for Special fx usage…:smile:

because people use stereo, especially Elektron users. One of the reaons Red Panda reissued the Particle pedal as stereo and as good and interesting this one sounds, mono is a vibe killer.


Anyone know how long the max loop length is on this thing? Their site is somewhat lacking in the gritty details

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I always found too many wide stereo sources ate up masses of space in a mix. Unless I’m using a pad or field recording, 99% of my other material is recorded mono and mixed into a stereo field. Ping-pong delays and expansive reverbs are lovely in stereo, but I wouldn’t use them all the time.


Anything in the Knobs video?

I understand that but many people (including myself) record just a stereo out and all mixing is done in the boxes. For example my setup is DT-DN-AH-Recorder. No multi-tracking, no mixers, no computer involved. When I saw this pedal and heard how it sounds, for a brief moment I thought it would be wonderful to stick it in the chain between DT and DN… Summing the DT stereo output to mono with a cable adaptor could give me potential phasing issues and I lose any ability to place my drums in the stereo field.

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Loopop has a proper review.


Hainbach too:

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Hainbach makes me so happy. What a great demo too.

Preferred the Loopop video this time, cool sounds from Hainbach but not much in the way of explanation!

Kinda wish the Mood had left out the delay/reverb section and focused on the looper, like with the Blooper prototypes. With the limited controls the looper doesn’t have enough going on to be truly interesting IMO.

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FWIW, I’m an Elektron user and I use some mono FX pedals/devices regularly. .When I play with the band, I use a mono rig. Stereo rig makes more sense for solo gigs, maybe playing in a duo where the other person is a singer or drummer.

Neat pedal - particularly how the Clock knob is used.

What are the opinions on getting this vs say morphagene or nebulae? Curious on peoples input!

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The Digitakt, Octatrack and Model:Samples can act great as loopers including a versatile fx unit…

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The Morphagene would do similar things but I’d not say it’s even remotely the same.

I was looking at it, but I can achieve the same results with the ZOIA. As much as I want the pedal for the sake of having it, I’ve just gotten rid of 80% of my pedal cupboard… I’m a massive loop pedal nerd - it’s my favourite pedal type next to straight-up delay - so I’ll likely end up with this and Blooper when it’s out!

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Is this not what Blooper turned into? Be cool if that one actually comes out as well at some point!

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