Chase Bliss Blooper

Chase Bliss so far has been all about all-analog sound processing, under digital control. Perhaps this looper is their first digital pedal.


They released Dark Reverb late last year, first fully digital offering. Starting to branch out, it seems, after making all the analog pedals they can. Very nice gear and Joel is a super guy.


This looks like an ambient wet dream. Watching with trepidation, as chase bliss stuff is usually way out of my budget…

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still mono… I’d love it if something like these pedals was available IN STEREO

(And before someone digs up my old “stereo is overrated” quote, I must stress that Stereo FX are a big exception in my book to the world of mono)

Too bad…


Yoo this one will actually be stereo via trs… it was mentioned during a live chat


Loads of new vids on this thing. Wonder when we can expect it? Looks and sounds incredible. Kind of concerned that there’s too much functionality crammed into a very small enclosure. Rumour has it that it’ll be cheaper than Thermae/RKM but more expensive than Mood.

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They’re doing a Kickstarter. I want this so bad but £400 + import duty to the UK is too much so I’ll need to wait until they land here, probably Feb in time for my birthday…

550 usd? Wow that is a chunk of change…

$500 for just the pedal, in standard packaging. Somewhat in line with previous flagships (Thermae, for example). They’ve always been on the high end of the market, but they do make quality stuff. I imagine there’s a lot of cost to recoup with this design and all the folks involved.

Yeah, obviously it’s a heap of cash but then again there’s really nothing like it on the market. It takes a lot of the sample mangling features of the OT and makes them very fun and playable.

Oh I wasnt saying it isn’t justified. I’m just surprised.

Can you talk more about how you see this stacking up to OT? I’m literally trying to figure out if i want to get a mood/blooper/zoia combo or a OT mk2 right now

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Couple follow ups to this: does buying both the ZOIA and the Blooper seem redundant in a spartan setup?

Also is the Blooper going to be available beyond via this Kickstarter? Being able to sit with the ZOIA until December and evaluate my need for (another) creative HW looper would be useful. Also don’t want to miss out on the Blooper…

Obviously the OT blows it out of the water in terms of raw features and linear composition, but if you just want to explore textures, layer sounds up and stumble upon happy accidents then Blooper might be a good choice. OT is the hub of my studio right now so I’d never replace it with a loop pedal - right now I use a TimeFactor for similar stuff so it would take that place if I got one.

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Yeah Blooper will be available after the Kickstarter but it might take them a while to meet demand after the first run. Personally Zoia has never appealed to me (too menu divey) but without knowing anything else about your setup I’d say you probably want a sound source on the way in and a sampler to capture/arrange the results.

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Yeah, the menu-diving aspect of the ZOIA is a turnoff to me too, especially since I do so much of that already on my sound sources (MWXT, A4, DN, OP1)

I think probably what I’ll do is get the MOOD and preorder the Blooper and hold off on ZOIA for now.

The OT lets you preload audio files then mangle the preloaded files.

It can also loop live audio like guitar.

From what I’ve seen of Mood and Blooper, they’re more like regular guitar pedals in that you plug in and play, and you get several knobs and switches to do it. But no audio files…

To make best of use of the OT you have to do some set up work in advance. Kind of the same with Zoia, except it, too, cannot load audio files.

I’m just a noob on the Zoia but once it clicks it is really straightforward way to patch without a PC, though clever patching takes a good understanding of possible control and audio modules. Once you have it set up though it’s done and you just load the patch… similarly like the look of blooper and mood (and zellersahn) as a more functional UI with none of that messing about.

The two chase bliss modules do appear to require performing sitting down on the floor though or a partner to control the knobs

ZOIA looks quite straightforward just not a UI experience i need more of rn