Chase Bliss effects pedals

Wow, dunno how I missed this one. Very, very cool. Anyone using one?

Looks great, but $400 is Space/BigSky territory.

Me again. Picked one up a few weeks ago. We must be on the same quest.

Yeah it’s expensive for sure :frowning: I’m not certain I’d compare it to space or big sky tho (or even timeline which is probably closer as it’s a delay pedal ;). The part of that knobs video where it talks about it being a ‘vintage-izer’… I’ve never seen anyone get those sounds from the above pedals… I def haven’t out of my timeline. I have a Warped Vinyl by the same company that kind of overlaps and can sound similar in some ways but it isn’t a delay and I’d easy find use for this alongside it. Guess I’ll start saving :confused:

Haha you’re a few steps ahead :wink: How you finding it?

The Chase Bliss stuff is really unique.
I’ve been wanting that warped vinyl for a while.

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Yeah, Warped Vinyl is great. I can’t remember the last time i bypassed it :wink: This one looks killer for crinkled/broken tape sounds too.

Oops, yes, I meant their delay equivalents of course. I guess this is closest to an el capistan then with its vintage tape character?

i considered it, but in the end decided to double-down and get a moogerfooger 104-m instead. so far happy with my choice.

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Yeah I guess el cap puts its toe in the same territory, it doesn’t get anywhere near as messed up as this thing tho :wink:

It’s a lovely pedal. Sounds great and the dip switches open up lots of possibilities. Obviously nowhere near as versatile as the Timeline, which I also have. I would have maybe liked higher max delay time, but such are the restrictions of the bbds used.

I recently retooled my studio to focus on guitar, fx and field recording, so I’ve got a bunch of new pedals.

Great sounding pedal - all analog signalpath, huh? how’s the inputs working for line level impedances? Not too noisy output (when you don’t want it to be)?

full midi spec eh - would be a great extension to an :elot: then! I bet you could make anything sound like early electronic tapeloop thing with those two

No idea how much crossover there is between this and Drive overall and in their tones but I have chase bliss Warped Vinyl mkii pedal and its killer. If this offers the same kind of versatility/fun on distortion/Fuzz etc then it’s win/win. Can’t watch any vids or read manuals atm but keen to check it out more ASAP.

warped vinyl is a masterpiece innit :slight_smile:

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Ah man, I want a Tonal Recall! How you feel about it, worth the ££?

yea its totally dope, Joel is a genius :slight_smile:

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it’s funny, before finding out about em the first thing I’d always do when firing up the A4 is go to the lfos to warp the sh1t out of my new sounds :slight_smile:


Been trying to persuade myself on a weekly basis out of wanting it but yeah, looks amazing :confused: Gotta admire Joel and what those guys are doing there.

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theres a bit o magic in how all aspects of his pedals work together. it’s not just like a pedal having an lfo or whatever. it’s magic I tells ya :slight_smile:

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id looove if they were stereo :frowning:

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