Cheap Reverb Pedal

I’ve had Strymon and Eventide before. Looking for an affordable reverb.
Preferably one that doesn’t degrade my dry signal or change the EQ.
I just want a basic one setting reverb that sounds great, and less shitty than the built in OT verb.

Any recommendations?

boss rv-3 forever

Mono, Stereo, MIDI?

TC Hall of Fame. Lots of bang for buck.


MXR reverb.

TC Hall of Fame 2!!! It great, and has a “mash” button thats a built in expression pedal… I love it.

has stereo and mono ins.

If you can find it cheap, the Digitech Supernatural is quite lovely. Stereo in/out and the black is quite fetching with the Octatrack. Which is honestly partly why I bought it in the first place.

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I second this. I also have Digitech Polara.
Lexicon algorithms for both, stereo.

Supernatural can have full wet (send / return possible with CUE), and longer decay than Polara.


Looks like TC Hall Of Fame is what I’m looking for.

Stereo in + out. Check.
Cheapest possible to buy. Check.
Smol. Check.
Doesnt fuck with my signal tonality. Check.
Fast hands on controls. Check.

Supernatural checks all points too…

Seems good but looks to be a good 2nd hand supply of the HOFs. And they’re about half the price, around 80$ CDN. Sounds about my budget ATM.

That was going to be my recommendation, if you can get one for a good price. It’s my ‘simple basic reverb’ pedal, which kind of doesn’t do it justice really. I haven’t checked out the Supernatural.

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+1 for TC Hall of fame 2, it’s a bit customizable too
or second hand Neunaber Immerse

Better for ambient, with its dry/wet knob allowing full wet, and a longer decay time. Caveats, some modes are too modulated (flanger, phaser…).

Polara has more natural modes like Room.

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GFI Specular v3 if budget allows.
If not Zoom MS70-CDR.
I am actually selling one of each second hand :slight_smile:

Was going to say HOF 2 as well

Also - If you do want it to mess with your tone the downspiraling shimmer is a nice dark alternative to standard shimmers. I like it ALOT

Its no Boss Rev6 or Bigsky…

But for simple controls to easily find the right sound its pretty instantaneous and always musical enough for me.

Currently strapped inline on my Moog sub37…

There’s also the RV-7 on the ‘Digitech with Lexicon algorithms’ front. Really enjoyed mine even after the selector knob went screwy and changing the reverb type turned into a sort of Russian roulette.

the polara and the rv7 are IDENTICAL except for where the gated setting (rv7) is swapped for the halo setting (polara). the reverse mode, and all other modes that are common between the two pedals, sound and behave exactly the same, regardless of whether you have the rv7 or the polara.
this has been confirmed by tom cram of digitech many times

Define cheap :slight_smile:
For me that would mean a Zoom, Digitech, Behringer, or even some old Yamaha or Alesis rack…