Checklist 2nd Hand OT

hi folks … i got A4, MD, MM … now soon the OT second hand …

coming from the above mentioned gear what would I have to check the OT for when buying it 2nd hand … never touched a OT before, so it should rather be straight forward and be done in 10 min …

boot + fn to test mode.

headphone in all outs (assume I cannot test the inputs, midi etc )

how would you do it, if you had to buy a used one like me?

thanks for all info regarding that matter … soon I will join the fun in the OT section on electronauts :slight_smile:

I would check by:

Use headphone and check if the headphone ouput works. Does it have clear stereo output? Some OT’s have problems with headphone output (only one side hearing sometimes).

Furthermore check if the knobs are not to loosely. But this is obvious I guess.

Note that the cross-fader feels very loose so that is not a problem :wink:

Welcome to the glitchy world of sample mangling

For the headphone jack:
Pull it in and out several times and listen for any crackling or hard panning.
Also, be sure to listen through headphones for at least several minutes because sometimes the ‘headphone issue’ doesn’t present immediately

If you can, bring a can of compressed air…check all trig button in all trig modes and check for issues (not immediately responding to trig) or sticky buttons. If you find a wonky button, blow it out and see if that corrects it.
Do the same with the crossfader. You can check the crossfader value by looking at the display.
I have had headphone, button, and crossfader issues.
For the headphone problem there is no permanent solution other than sending it in for repair.
My button and crossfader issues were resolved with compressed air.

Good luck!!!

Hope you score a good one!

Oh yeah…be sure to remove the CF card and make sure there are no pins bent or broken off…there have been some issues with this as well.

+1 has happened rarely, but this should be one of the first things to check, as the repair for this is very costly

thanks guys!

This is a must
switch it on and off about 10 -20 times (or as much as the seller will allow) in a row quickly --that will reveal any gremilns straight away --i think they stress tested like this before they leave the factory!!!
Make sure you don’t smell any burning around the right hand side of the machine after the power stress test.

Take note on whether or not the slit for the crossfader has rubber grommets. Earlier models do not and are more prone to being damaged from dust entering the machine.

hey there… i bought my OT already and had my cecklist at hand … if I was selling an OT and a prospective buyer would come over and turn my OT on and off 20 times … make that 5 times without waiting for 5 secs in between each cycle, I would throw him out!

hell of a stress test … i dont think any electronic gear would like that … but interesting thought still… also with the burnt smell … dont know about rubber and the fader … my OT works like a charme, … except after recording to recorder buffers… i sometimes have a hard time to play back the sound I recorded! … grrrr… probably stupid user :wink:

I thought the same thing. One hell of a way to screw up the cf card.