Checklist to get a track - back on track so to speak

On a few occasions, I have ended up with a muted static or flex track that I can’t get back to “normal”. And I feel very stupid. There are of course any number of reasons why the track is not making sound ; effects, amp volume, track volume, master track, sample pitch & sample rate , etc

When this happens, I feel very stupid :slight_smile:

This is an old machine… Did anyone ever compile a checklist on how to get a track back to it’s initial config, or is it an easy way to do this without making a new project? Does “clearing” all pages src, amp, etc… all possible settings? (Not taking a master track into account)?

I think it is important to search the culprit, to avoid to redo the same mistake…

Mute scenes, check Scenes holding them to show what’s assigned. Eventually clear scene, clear track pages.

Reload Part, Change Part, Clear Part, change to a new Bank…

If the culprit is in AED settings, you can reload the sample in File page.

Another one I’d always remember to check is the rate parameter in the sample page.

I’ve done it a few times where I’ve set it to 0 because it looks like the “default” position, but of course it’s actually +64 (or +63, pretty sure it’s +63 because of base 0 indexing).

The big issue for me is to track the culprit deleting scenes or FX page and realizing i lost all parameters… If i save before, i’m screwed as well. Dilemma.

I’ll second Rate parameter, and add scenes.

I had some tracks sampling but not playing back audio, and couldn’t figure out why.

I had somehow put the same scene on both sides of the cross fader and was consistently smoothly interpolating between 0 volume and 0 volume. :man_facepalming:t4:

This can happen after Memory settings changes. Bug.

Save your part and reload it. I never bother. But it would fix your problem

The amount of times ive scratched my head and then realised I have forgotten to put the x-fader back into position is quite frankly embarrassing :slight_smile: