Chemical Brothers Sequence Help

Hi everyone,

I can’t quite figure out the main synth sequence for Dust Up Beats by The Chemical Brothers.
Been looking to recreate it on my A4 and despite many attempts haven’t had much luck.

So thought I’d see if anyone had any pointers or was able to let me know. Have a feeling it’s syncopated and likely FX are playing a role in the tone of it too. I love how much energy it has, considering the track BPM isn’t actually that fast.

Only octaves going up and down, synced oscillators, filter sweep, and a note every 3 steps I think ?

It might be just three notes (octaves?) going up and down, where they shift the sequence by sometimes repeating or skipping one of the three notes.

Is anyone able to get this in piano roll? Massive thanks for the advice so far. I have no doubt that it was originally done a 106 with the sub-oscillator on, given that’s what they use live.

"and top is the Roland Juno 106, routed through a guitar pedal. "They love that Boss Heavy Metal Distortion. It’s kind of the signature sound in ‘Chemical Beats’. You bosh that over the 106 and it just sounds filthy — a horrible, dirty, angry thing.”

Sounds very acid to me, lots of slide on the notes

Yea this is getting close! Well done. My brain isn’t good at disecting this stuff but is it maybe an up and down arpeggio? It’s hard to tell because the filter is modulated quite heavily which is throwing me off!

I feel like you’ve nailed the notes, although I’m sure I can hear 4.

I’ve tried a couple of times to get something like it but not having much luck.

Yeah I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past three days now. With all the movement, especially the filter modulations it certainly makes it difficult to track what notes are actually being played.