Cherry Audio Voltage Modular thread + New synth recreation at low price

Introducing Voltage Modular 2.0

Cherry Audio is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Voltage Modular 2.0! This truly massive new release is completely FREE for all Voltage Modular users, and brings innovative new features, workflow improvements, and new sonic possibilities to the realm of software modular synthesis. Voltage Modular 2.0 is the most feature-rich, sonically flexible software modular platform in the world.

Voltage Modular 2.0 obliterates all patching limitations, and introduces groundbreaking new ways to build complex patches with fewer cables. Unlimited cables per jack allows for endless modulation possibilities. The new Busses feature offers an ingenious new way to build complex patches and eliminate messy cables. Variations takes modular synthesis in unprecedented new directions, with unlimited variations available per patch. Play variations individually, or use triggers or CV to move through variations in endless ways. The IO Panel now includes an integrated Recording section, generating pristine 32-bit floating point audio files, sourced from the IO Panel main left and right outputs. Workflow improvements are everywhere in Voltage Modular 2.0, from custom module categories and search terms to optional auto-alignment of modules in cabinets.

What's cool is now they released full SYNTH at a very affordable price and very great recreation

Eight Thunderous Voices ($29)

Our most ambitious instrument to date, Cherry Audio’s Eight Voice polyphonic synthesizer meticulously emulates the immense sound of the Oberheim Eight Voice

The Massive Poly Sound Machine ($29)

Polymode is inspired by the groundbreaking Moog Polymoog synthesizer. One of the world’s first polyphonic synthesizers, its unique multiple parallel filter implementation and mod routings give it a sound like no other synth.

The Fat and Funky Sound of the Electronics Super Store Legend, now FREE!

The fun and funky Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer is a super authentic recreation of the Realistic MG-1 synthesizer sold in Radio Shack stores in the 80’s

The 2600 Like Never Before ($25)

The Cherry Audio CA2600 is a powerful, self-contained duophonic synthesizer inspired by the groundbreaking ARP 2600 synthesizer. Every aspect of the original, from the quirky oscillator waves, to the powerful ladder filter, to the external audio input and preamp section was modeled with tremendous precision.

Meet the DCO-106 ($25)

Recreating the sound of a classic synthesizer is no easy task. DCO-106 lovingly recreates the unique sonic footprint of one of the most iconic 80’s polysynths in exhaustive detail, while adding modern features for massively expanded creativity.

There’s also an NDK for those who want to program their own modules

Voltage Module Designer

Build modules lightning fast. Drag and drop controls, adjust visual styles, and create your own custom knobs, sliders, switches, buttons, jacks, and more.

All the monotonous details of coding are minimized, so building a module is quick and easy. All resources are automatically embedded into your project, so sharing module files with team members is effortless.

Program your module using Java with our integrated code editor. The Module Designer generates much of the code automatically, so you only need to fill in a few functions to have a fully-working module. All module code is automatically cross-platform.

Our bundled SDK includes a large library of audio processing classes for oscillators, filters, envelope generators, and more. Use the included DSP for rapid prototyping, or write your own DSP to give your module a unique sound.

Use our integrated debugger to test variables, objects and threads. Set breakpoints and easily step through your code.

I liked their Juno clone and they’re quite cheap and have demos :slight_smile:

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Yes i think Voltage Modular is completely underrated

Genuine question- why would you choose this over VCV rack? A lot of these v2 options are things that are in VCV already?Coming from someone who is interested in modular, but never really gelled with vcv

I love the sound of voltage modular. i love the collection of module part of it because i really like PSP stuff. I heard the recreation of their oberheim and juno. Both of it elsewhere are way more expensive …

But you can stay with Free stuff, i understand why to pay for something when other solution free are available. and in modular territory there’s plenty of option reaktor, the grid inside bitwig, max 4 live, vcv rack, softube modular… and so on

Interesting! I think I might pick up the Eight Voice emulation.
I had been considering buying the new GForce OB E when I had some spare cash but this one is only $29.
I’m not really a big VSTi user but I’ve been drawn to pick up an Eight Voice sim for some reason. I’ve always just really loved that sound.

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Pretty good demo of the Eight Voice.
Sounds pretty good to me.

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I got the Eight Voice because at that price why not. It sounds really beautiful, quite impressive how far we’ve come in the soft synth domain.


Their 2600 got a lot of critics discussing the filter and some weird harmonics ( I think ) but this seems good … and I think they worked on the 2600 plug-in

They seem to be a decent company doing cheap / quality plugins.

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Another one from Cherry Audio. As the name suggests, this is a polyphonic MS-20 VST, and I definitely am curious about it as one of my ultimate dream synths is the Korg PS-3300… For the price of $29 I might as well try it, and yes, there’s also a free demo version again.

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The demo sounds good.
I liked their Juno plug-in though I know the softube recent release has a lot of praise ( costs more and more cpu intensive )

Cherry plug-ins seem well priced though I suspect this one will forever be $29 even with the supposed $49 price tag nearby.


Bought the DCO-106 today and the CA2600, both sound great. Blown away by the value-for-money ratio here, Cherry Audio is on to something.

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