Chillout Track: Digitakt + SH01a - islandersurf + pulsn

My friend and i were jamming together on Digitakt and SH01a, to escape all that GASing after NAMM.

Who needs new stuff when the old stuff just sounds like very fabulous too.


I really enjoyed that! Thanks for sharing. The music was chill and almost an early autechre vibe and the video accompaniment was perfect. :+1:

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Thank you! Our Jam Session was of course much longer. I will edit another excerpt today and Upload it.

SH preset and preset sequence, please make your own! :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway sounds nice.

Nothing is wrong with using presets. There is No rule that one cant use them. There are no rules for creating Music at all! The Seq is Preset but the rest created. We liked it that way, so we kept it. The SH is so simple structured that it is hard to not sound like any presets. Reverb on the SH is from Boss RV6 btw.
Digitakt only internal FX.

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Absolutely nothing wrong with using presets, one of the tracks I made I’m most happy with lifted a preset sequence from the Prophet 6, I made it my own and I don’t feel like I “cheated” somehow. A large part of making electronic music is a sort of curatorship, anyway…

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I thoroughly enjoyed this jam. It’s great to hear what can be done with just two synths and a groove. The video worked well together with the tune. What was your audio recording path? And sorry for the noob question, but how did you put together the video and audio? I imagine I could do something like that using something like iMovie on my macbook pro, but also curious how others accomplish it.

Digitakt -> RME Fireface UC -> iMac with Ableton Live 10
Roland SH01a -> Boss RV-6 -> RME Fireface UC -> iMac with Ableton Live 10
On the Master Track i put one of those Limiter presets from Live 10 to tone down the sound (the Digitakt can become very loud…) and make it rounder.

Video was entirely photographed and filmed with my OnePlus 5, uploaded to Google Photos, downloaded to to my iMac and edited in iMovie. I also have Final Cut Pro, but i still haven´t found the time to work myself deeper into that. Also i think about switching to Adobe Premiere, not sure tho…
I also had an instance of Sonic Charge Synplant running, which i triggered from time to time.

Here´s the second excerpt of the jam. The Digitakt is a sound designer dream.

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Thanks! That was way more than I expected, based on my poorly worded questions. I appreciate the detail and insight into the workflow. I might try to get more artsy with videos, as a way to add another layer of creativity. Of course, I barely have time for simple jamming, so who knows when I’ll have time to put a music video together, :rofl:

Just try things out. Some things work, others don´t. Modern Smartphones offers also great possibilities.

Soothing track with a lovely melody :thup:

Thank you! Stay tuned, more will follow.