Choose a knobby and mutitimbral synth....a4 a1 ks e2?

hello all.

having sold most of my monos and toys recently i saved a little bit of cash (1000 e max). i wanted a basstation and a digitakt as the only remaining companion for my md uw, but it appears i will wait for a second hand digitakt now, i have decided to go for the full deal on a synth.

i expect a simple setup with machinedrum this synth only, maybe a digitakt next year.

i want one:
-knobby interface
-effects included
-with keybed.
-simple and straitforward
-polyphonic abylity

as far my research goes i spotted some good deal and i’m a bit lost.

maybe you can give me advice, and gimme other models that i forgot…

actually i think of

nord lead a1: must be simple tu use, goog sounding and knobby. i spotted a rack one at 800 and a key one with gigbag at 1000. the minus is maybe the limited effect. love the clavia quality build. does it always have drum patch like the 2X where you can have lot of synth drum on a voice??

analog 4/key: about the same price, it will have i think better effects, and of course the seq. I fear a bit the complexity of the synthesis and of the unit in general. spotted an a4 for 800 and A4 with bag at 1000.

electribe 2: seem to offer a lot at a great price, had one by the past, like thes sound, cheap around 200-250 euros. big plus it worked on battery.

-novation ks synth, rack or key. seem cheap and good from the review, but don’t know about the quality effect. would certainly need a bit of knob or switch soldering, as it’s quite old. Around 300 euros.

  • microbrute+basstation+mininova well not really answer the initial requirements, but this trio might go on the budget on second hand, would have lot of knob effect and power. might be fun too…gimme multi and poly…

virus tetra and blofeld are other alternatives, but i fear the virus too complex for me, and the other not enough knobs…

what would you take to use with a md uw in two directon: as a dual unit live jam, and as a uw sample feeder for md uw only jam later… music is preety raw and simple 140 four on the floor dark techno or dub techno, for my personal fun mostly.

i’m really after the simplicity, the fun and the straightforwadness,be it on the synth himself like in the setup connections ( so the effects to avoid stompboxes) what the md shine at, so actually the winner may be the nord, but i fear i would regret it effect wise toward an a4. im also curious if the electribe and ks can be seen as good alternatives…

Thanks for your advice.

A4 isn’t complex, but it is four mono synths in one box. As you’ve just got rid of your mono synths it may be wise to bear this in mind.

thanks. but it has a poly mode no??? i will be able to sample chords in the md no??


Ill look at it, bit no lust fot it at

Nord A1 or Lead 4 for sure, they look similar but are very different, I’ve got both since they sound so good, on the downside - no drum maps but if you are clever you can use the impulse morph on the NL4 to create 7 drum sounds on one patch and use midi cc to switch between them if you don’t want to use your fingers (power user trick that my friend :wink:).

Both are 4 part multi but with the stacking of parts you can design some really intricate and clever sounds, even without the super duper unison modes… FX are pretty good I think, not as editable as some synths but very beautiful with certain sounds and programming with the morph functions. Also both have 2xstereo outs or 4x1 however you fancy…

I’ve just realised apart from modular all my synths are Nord! I’m such a swede lover!

Yeah it sounds really good but it’s quite “straight”. And physically it does not look and feel like a £1300 synthesizer. The A1 might be a better bet.