Chromatic and Chord Samples

Sorry if this question screams dumb…

So let’s say that I have a sample of a C major chord. If I hit say the 7th/MT pad, or change the pitch to +6, which chord is it now? F#/G flat major or…???

That’s correct, it would transpose it to F#/G flat major, and also remember, since the time and pitch are always connected changing the pitch of AR samples, the sample would ~50% shorter

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Aaaah ! Ordinary pitch/time fun, unlike OT timestretching. Yippee. Fwiw, an octave up would be 50 shorter, that example ought to be ~25 % shorter.

So the playing a key’s main chords is a no-go? Or for example id have to use a c minor chord sample on a different track if I wanted to play eminor?

You could plock a different sample (different chord intervals) on the Same track

Good call… And you didn’t even have one when you posted this. :slight_smile:
This is my first Elektron box and I just keep forgetting about plocks. I need to learn to make this a permant part of my mental work flow.

The same principles make the A4 and OT a joy too. With careful sample placement and a random lfo with modest depth you could have an ever changing chord progresion etc