Chromatic Machinedrum

Hello guys !

I’m trying to play EFM tracks chromaticaly and for example send arps from OT to right tuned tracks of MD…
I use Bome midi translator but maybe my code is note good I have some troubles when I want to record on MD sequencer the chromatic notes.

No problem to play chromatic and listen to it, I also can see the pitch mooving each note played (with right values)
But recording thoses notes locks become the problem.

Do some of you use the MD chromatically ?
Can you explain me the setup you use ?

I can make it work perfectly …

I will be pleased to read you … !


You can find a chart for manually tuning notes here

As for playing the Machinedrum engines via midi notes though, easiest route is to get your hands on a Ruin Wesen Mini Command or the updated Mega Command Arduino hardware, both of which should allow you to run your Octatrack arps and sequencing directly without a computer.

Note: you may already be aware, but many of the Machinedrum machines that are tuneable have quite a limited range of pitch, which must be considered.


Do you send CCs before note?
Works with Minicommand here, I don’t know if you can record.


I allready thinked about this and yes one time it changed a bit things, but the random attitude of the recording is pretty annoying.
So it is more about random recording, some notes are recorded, other not, maybe it depend of the seq speed but I tested all night and it was better yesterday :triangular_flag_on_post:

So I cannot really understand…

Thank you Ozone for the chart, but I allready perfectly tuned it but thendid you did it also ?
Did you record trigs on MD sequencer ?
I can allready perfectly sequence it but I want to recod notes on the MD because I love its sequencer (slides) and because I think it is possible.
(seriously slides param on MD is better in my opinion than OT midis)

Did someone allready downloaded Emptymagic ?
The download is not working, I do not understand why

I was hoping for this a solution :sad:

Wrong notes (pitch) ?
Maybe a question of quantize, some notes recorded later / earlier compared to CCs, due to quantize.

Hi the downloads are working both OSX and PC (right click) and you get the files!


It is a lot about quantize and about decay ! But not incoming decay, the decay of MD tracks herselves… I have really less problem when I short the decay to 0 or really short … not very easy to practice and shitty for jaming live but it is a first step here…

About quantize I just can play with swing on the MD so this is not really easy but so… I have not much solutions.
I’m pretty sad having no Elektrons / 3 (MD A4 OT) whitch have parameters slides in midi… Maybe for me time to re utilise more OT LFO’s :wink: (when I started learning Elektrons Lfos were a long year of entousiasm)

Elektrobot7 the file was saying “error, not possible to use” but I found a solution to make it work (but then I do not understand how the programme work)
Can I send notes to the program from a sequencer and then receive those notes tunes in key with the machines that I want ?

  • saddly this is a trial version , I read before on elektron user/nauts that the guy who created it wasn’t answering, but maybe I will try to contact him if I am able to make this software working :ok:

Did you use it sir ??
Best & muchmore

Having that Trinity too, I think MD have it, from what I tested once.

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Not sure about what you’d like, but with your midi processor I’d try longer decay CC mapped to NOTE on, and shorter decay CC mapped to NOTE OFF (or NOTE ON=0).

This principle worked for me with HOLD parameter on OT, to keep note length played from external keyboard. (Fixed RELease to taste)

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Okay I understand what you say and It seems like I already read a guy talking about this on the “Bome Midi Translator website”. The community is present there too.
So I maybe have to do this I think… The fact is now that I allready param a lot of tracks on the MD… So it takes a long time… And the biggest problem is that I have to create differents code lines for each notes = One for each note to trig the choosed MD track note, an other to trig the pitch value of the machines with each corresponding note, and so then , One for note on and an other for notes off (lol)

It seems When I put A perfect microtimed trig on the OT and that I play with a short decay it is better than before, but I have to try what you explained to me… Because if then it’s working, it will be better for me to freestyle, touching my master keystep keyboard, playing with it’s arp combined to OT’s, and I cannot do that with this precise trig microtime I did to just have some scaled arp played. (because yes I use the scaled arp from OT lol).
Thank you + keep in touch !

you said “with your midi processor I’d try longer decay CC mapped to NOTE on, and shorter decay CC mapped to NOTE OFF (or NOTE ON=0).”

so On OT you think I put a CC 12 value 0 translating to midi note off and an other CC 13 value 127 translating to midi note off ?
Should this work ? (eventually) I prefer to ask because it is really annoying to do a mistake on hundred lines lol

Thanks anyway I have to try I have ROM machines to param :slight_smile:

My personal conclusions are that I prefer a synth anyway. Tuning torture.
Even ROMs are not perfectly tuned above + 57…
But that’s an interesting challenge. At the moment I too tired / busy to explore that.

I was think about Synthesis page Decay parameter. Only one CC, depends on machines. Usually CC17 IIRC.

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Yes but I cannot imagine for others machines as EFM CP as FM MD synth be not chromatically played, it is too annoying to manually trig…I really hope that one day I will have a good parameter, perfectly done. Then, it can be really powerful.
Seriously this machine has so much character :slight_smile:

I was think about Synthesis page Decay parameter. Only one CC, depends on machines. Usually CC17 IIRC. Okay I think I understand bust a bit difficult to apply for now :slight_smile:

Sure. At the moment I have hard times tuning PO32, with Microtonic soft, but I think it easier than MD! :smile:
(P032 : pitch = 0-100. 10 = 1 octave below, 50 neutral, +40 = 1 octave up, 10 = 3 semitones, etc ! :loopy:)

So the microtonic soft send values (CC’s ?) to the TeenageE P032 ?
This Teenage bug is receive midi ? :bug:

(Sorry for off topic) No it’s audio. Data sent as old modems!
You can transfer all data from a Po32 to another. Po32 A speaker > Po32 B mic.
You can listen to Microtonic with Po32 with your PC headphones out, and receive new sounds / patches / patterns.

It’s a nice tiny MD with cool realtime fx. Morph is like OT scenes for each sound, there’s a morph all fx, but including pitch unfortunately.

Back to topic : just a thought, what about tuning 12 rom machines, change octave pitch depending on midi note octave range? :thinking:

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just a thought, what about tuning 12 rom machines, change octave pitch depending on midi note octave range ?

I maybe do not understand your question ? You are talking about an utilisation idea ?
So using 12 ROM with the same sound (for example the same) and then ? How to tune it so ? Having notes C1 to C2 playing all those machines allright but then … How to go to other octaves ? Maybe I do not understand 59

To go off topic (pretty interesting also)
I think it is really interesting and powerfull !
If it can just hear and reproduct skilled and original patterns P032 is amazing, I have to take a look on this one.
This is really smart… Does it sample so ?

Ok I succeded with 4 poly ROM voices, I think it can do it with other machines an 16 voices.

Principle with Even Processor Plus

  • Setting 1 stores Note number in variable V1
  • Setting 2 Defines a sequence of 4 steps, each step having 2 events. Each step is played alternatively after receiving a note.
  • Settings 3 & 4 send Note C2 (BD), CC16=V1
  • Settings 5 & 6 send Note D2 (SD), CC48=V1
  • Settings 7 & 8 send Note E2 (HT), CC72=V1
  • Settings 9 & 10 send Note F2 (MT), CC96=V1


Above principle with EFM BD, 4 voices.
Sequenced by OT.

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Whoaa comment tu gères haha !
C’est trop bien !

C’est mieux comme ça non :slight_smile: ?