Class compilant audio over USB possible?

Earlier this week Teenage Engineering surprised the world with the possibility to have Audio over USB on the old trusty OP-1.

Is the hardware on the octatrack capable of doing the somewhat the same with a future firmware patch?

No need for a full Overbridge implementation, but just to have USB Audio the same way?

Are the existing chip in the OT enough or is it impossible?

I always hear its not possible.
Id say anything is possible but maybe its not.

I had been wondering myself if this could be possible:
My thinking:
OT can write from RAM to disk (saving samples) right? What speed can it write to disk? Could it support real-time speeds writing all 8 tracks to the SD card simultaneously?
If that was the case then could it be written in a proprietary format that allows a driver to be written to read from the SD card over USB?
Essentially using the SD card as the interface between the machine and the computer/usb.
The question would then be; what is the bandwidth of this. Maybe there isn’t enough to support all 8 audio. What about midi?

I dno but I’m sure someone could figure this out given enough time/money


It’s impossible. Officially. Posted countless times and dismissed unequivocally as technically unfeasible by top Elektron brass


I don’t think there’s any chance of class-compliant USB audio on the OT but I couldn’t find any statement by Elektron staff ruling it out.

Whereas Overbridge on OT has been unequivocally ruled out by Elektron.


AH/AR/A4/DT/DN or Audio interface. Otherwise no. It is what it is!

The OT would need to write to the card and read back again and transmit over USB, simultaneously. That doesn’t sound like it’s going to be efficient enough to work.

And consider that the OT can’t do anything while usb mode is active, so it can’t write to the card at all if the USB host is reading from it.


No, they use different chips. It is impossible.

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