Classic/Extended switching sounds completely

Can someone explain why when I switch a kit from classic to extended, it ends up sounding completely different and I can’t return it back to what I had?

Classic mode ignores p locks

Quite good to get back to a normal pattern if you’ve gone a bit mental haha

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Thanks for that, but why doesn’t it save when you switch back? SPS-1 UW here

My md went ages ago, I’m pretty sure however that if the plocks are saved within the pattern they’ll return

If you’re randomly twisting then switch to classic they’ll dissappear

If you haven’t saved the actual kit before you switch from classic and back to extended, you will lose the plocks I believe.


this is intended behaviour as you haven’t saved a kit to the pattern.

Sounds like you’re new to the MD, exciting times.

Save a kit whenever you do/change something you want to keep. Each pattern will need a different kit saved to it if you change the sounds.

You don’t really need to press that button until you start making changes whilst the pattern is running and want to reset (func + classic/extended) the kit to it’s saved state.


Yeah I figured the saving kits part but sometimes I think it forgets the effects, do I have to save those too?

Effects send levels as well as master levels/settings are saved as part of the kit, so Yes.


Nice, just figured out how to send sounds through individual outputs, then into guitar pedals, then back in. :smiley: this thing is so versatile