Clear all note trigs on a track?

Just got my Analog Keys and though I’m loving the way it sounds, I’m struggling with some basic workflow mechanics.

Is there an easy way to clear all of the note trigs on a Track? In Live Recording, if I screw up a take I want a quick way of clearing the trigs. I can reload the Track but that seems to reset some other stuff as well.

I don’t know on the A4 or Keys, but on the octatrack its function+play[clear]

I think clears the entire Pattern - not the note trigs on the selected Track …

It clears the track when Grid record mode is on (red light on) and clears the pattern when it’s off.


A4 user here … if you are on page 1 and you hold the PAGE button, AND press the Play/Clear button then the (one, individual) Page gets cleared of all notes … I usually hit PAGE again (brings me to page 2 of 4max) and quickly hit PLAY/CLEAR again, … that clears page 2 of trigs and notes (and I assume of plocks) …

I repeat those steps in quick succession to clear a track entirely (takes me less than 2 seconds when I have a good day)

hope this helps, there is off course the fn+play option which easily ruins all my well built tracks if I dont have the little red light in my eye :wink:

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Thanks TrabanT.

Seems like an option for [TRACK]+[PLAY] would be a nice enhancement to clear all trigs while in Live Recording mode.

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you can delete notes while in live record mode…

“To real time erase all trigs from a track, press and hold [TRACK] + [NO/RELOAD]. All trigs hit by the running LED of the sequencer will be erased from the active track. The trigs of more than one track can be removed by
pressing several [TRACK] keys simultaneously” (P.30 A4/P.32 AK manual)

Have fun.


No way, I didn’t know that

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Old thread, but useful info. Just got my A4 and been scratching my head already. Yes I know there’s a manual lol