Clear track parameter locks

Hi everyone!

I can’t figure out how to clear all parameter locks of a track…

I know that you can clear parameter lock’s per note by holding trigger then pressing the encoder but how about the whole track P locks reset/ clear all locks on a track .

Please help ! would be wicked to weak those knobs fearlessly …


I don’t think there’s a way, but it doesn’t take too long to just double click the lit trigs.
This will reset them to no p-locks.

Forgive me if this is wrong, but can’t you you choose “Clear Locks” like on the MM? On that machine, while the Rec button is solidly lit, you hold Function + Clear until a menu pops up and you choose “Clear Locks” to remove them all from the track.

The MM way of clearing p=locks isn’t same on MD i don’t think.

Clearing p-locks can take ages … but what I’m mainly ( not only ) talking about is CTR-al machine …It is nice to just tweak stuff but if you don’t like it there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get it back to point one …? Am I missing something ?

Bummer… I always figured that since the MD was first, the MM inherited this feature from it.

Save your kit. Tweak the hell out of ctrl all track (or function & tweak param).
Mute ctrl all track.
Press function & classic/ext together.
Kit jumps back to default settings.

(It won’t clear p.locks on other tracks but will clear the effects of ctrl all)

There’s a video for that…

Didn’t know you could p.lock more than one trig at once on the AR/A4 :+1: