Click Track Routing?

Hi All,

I am currently saving up for the Rytm, so I’d love an answer from an owner if possible. From reading the AR Manual and searching the Analog Four forum I could find no clues…

Does the click track always sound through the master outputs, or only through the headphone output?

I ask because from a band point of view it would be nice to send the click track ONLY to headphones for monitoring during a show to keep everyone in sync.

Thanks for any help!

The headphones always mirror the stereo outs and the volume pot controls the level for both.

The click always comes out the stereo mix. Currently there’s no way to assign the click to another output. You could use one of the voices like RS or a sample as a click and send that to the drummer via it’s individual out. Then disable it from your stereo mix to the house. You would lose a voice on the AR and have to program the click track on each pattern but you’d have a lot more flexibility with the sound the drummer hears.


…i thought i would reuse an old topic rather than start a new one for something which may/may not be of much relevance at this stage: for some undefined reasons :smile_cat: i ended up activating the click the other day and initially i couldn’t hear it, so ended up checking things (i didn’t really need it anyway bbut…), if it was setup properly and all that and realized afterwards that it was because of the compressor’s settings…shouldn’t the click just be…well, the click and be there? :thinking: