Clicking in looping sample / Zero crossing

Is there a X-fade or zero crossing kind of thing to smooth out the looping of a sample in the Digitakt?

Ive recorded a synth pad in, set it to loop in the middle of it, loops fine but no matter where i adjust the start or end part of the loop im getting little clicks and pops, tried adjusting the filter to help mask it but im cutting off the top end of the sample which i dont really want to do.

Just wondered if im missing a trick here?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Can you not just add a little attack on the AMP page?

Tried that but it only affects the attack of the initial start of the sample, not the loop portion

Nope, no xfade loop… and with no sample accuracy, your only hope is to prepare your perfect loops on the computer.

The lost art of looping, you know.

Edit: Renoise is perfect for that.

Ah thats a shame, yes in an ideal world you would have time to to do that, but i think in jam type scenarios and spontanious creativity its not always possible to trim your loops on a computer and then put them back into the digitakt.
For me Its nice not having anything to do with a computer when you use the digitakt.

Shame that, i’ll put it in the feature requests.


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Ah, sorry. I understand now.

Blackbox has this feature. So handy!


Uhm, if you don’t need 100% precision on the tuning, you can also play around a little with the detune. Sometimes even a small adjustment of 0.2 or whatever is enough to nudge the start-/stop-points onto a non-clicking position.

But even though it might not have any more clicks or pops, there still may be an audible “step” due to the inherent beating (?) of all the notes in the chord, they might still not line up perfectly.

edit: since you mentioned spontaneous jam scenarios – I think the quickest way to solve this is to just put the trigger point of the pad onto the same time a kick or a snare happens to mask the imperfect loop point.

As long as there isn’t too much movement in the pad, ie, sweeping filter then you should with some patience find a loop point that is very silent. But it can take quite a few minutes of tiny adjustments to find it. When I want looping pads I will create them in my DAW with 0 crossing before importing into the DT.


yeah i think trial and error is key, a zero crossings option would elimenate a lot of tedious tweaking, using a DAW which is unthinkable mid jam for me personally. I want to stay away from the computer as much as.

It’s very unlikely ever going to happen, so finding a workaround is key.

You din’t mention you intend to do this mid jam. Tweaking samples mid jams sure, but trying to find a 0 crossing mid jam definitely not :slight_smile: you want that done beforehand surely.

Since I make a lot of ambient I have a folder full of looping pads and ambiences that I can just set to loop, place a 1st trigger and forget about it. They will drift on seamlessly and click-less for ever :slight_smile: But they were created in a DAW first.