Clocking Pamela's Workout with A4


I have just acquired a Pamela’s and and am wanting to use the external clock in to sync my Euro with the A4. I have a CV track sending a clock from the A4 and have tried playing with the PQN settings on Pam, however, the LED display shows the BPM as 25 when it well above that on the A4.

I have a CV track sent to Clock Out, Width 32, Polarity V trig, level 5 volts.

Please enlighten?

I do have the same problem, did you figure it out?

Figured it out: I thought the clock signal would be din, but it’s just the beats, and the number on the CV-Page is the subdivion, so 1 would be the bpm, 2 the bpm divided by 2 et cetera…

Set the Out Port Functionality in the MIDI Port Config to DIN 24 Sync on one of the MIDI ports. Connect the selected MIDI output to Pamela’s Workout with a DIN to Jack cable Like this one on Schneidersladen . Or try the [url=“”]D.S.G from ALM Busy Circuits.
One jack goes to the Clock input and the other to the Run. That way Pamela starts and stops when the A4 does. Pamela should be configured to recieve 24 pulses per quarter note. It does by default.