Clubs/venues in Marseille

Hi everyone,
I and my gf are going to spend some days in Marseille and we will be there for the new year’s eve too; I’m looking for some advice on clubs and the musical scene there in general. We are mainly into techno and melodic techno, but we are open to possibilities. I know new year’s eve could be a hit and miss somehow, but I would definitely love to have some input from someone who lives/has been there, so if you have some, please tell me.
Thank you!

I’m not from Marseille but near (Nice). I know a bit Marseille and there is a special event at the Makeda for the new year.
Check it here:
Have a good trip!

Thanks blaize, I will check it out!

Go with your best suit, a beautiful PSG shirt :wink:


(had to look out what psg stands for, I’m not really into soccer)

Been there lots of times but never been in the right situation to go out clubbing, BUT, L’unic bar down in the port is a great place for a drink. It’s owned by the very eccentric older French lady who was obviously a proper party girl in her time! The staff are really cool, great cocktails, a random collective of stuff adorning the place andgood eclectic music selection. Just a really decent, quirky little place to hang out in for a few hours and watch the sunset.
L’unic Bar

11 Cours Jean Ballard, 13001 Marseille, France
+33 4 91 33 45 84

Or alternatively, you could go to the ridiculously pretentious restaurant that we were taken to and charged nearly 300€ EACH for their Bouillabaisse!! I mean, it was decent fish soup but the bloody bill left a bit of a nasty taste in the mouth and I could have had a sandwich and SH01a or something instead😵

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I also look up music events on Look up by region and there is always something to do. Bro you’re going to Marseille ! I’m peanut butter and jealous

Check out this collectif, they organize electronic event in Marseille.

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Guys, thank you all, these advices looks very promising. I will check everything out these days.
@v00d00ppl: Bro, Marseille is beautiful, I’ve been there like ten years ago and had a great time; hope to have fun, relax, and have the chance to listen to some good music this time too

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