Cmyk color code for octatrack mk2

Wondering if anyone can tell me the cmyk color code to match the color of the Octatrack Mk2?

not sure how accurate this is, but according to this website its

Depends on how the picture is taken, edited, imho.
I think it’s grey. :thinking:


Literally not possible to give a straightforward answer to this.

(Trigger warning: nerdy graphic designer.)

Assuming you are printing a design onto paper, an exact match will be obtained only by producing colour proofs, on the stock and printing method you’ll be using, of a range of subtly different tones and comparing that with whatever your reference is (is that a real OT mk2 in real life? a picture of one on your laptop screen?) and selecting the closest colour values.

You can try and find a Pantone reference book and compare that but again that depends on a range of factors like print process, substrate etc.

In any other case you may as well pick whatever looks right to you.

I just put my Pantone book (solid coated) up against my AR2 and the closest is Pantone 430 C, but my Pantone book is really old and has probably yellowed a fair bit, so 423 C might be closer in reality.



Yes! Nominated for best post of the year so far!

It’s funny, once you’ve had to work in a biz where color matching is involved, you know how insanely hard it is to get “harmony.” The best way is, like you said, trial and error, and usually involves iterations.

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For when she really matters to you!

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to piggyback on this… different materials have different reflectivity as well. So if you have two objects of the same color in the same room, but they made of different materials, they could still look different. The OT MKII is a matte medium gray that’s around medium gray (halfway between white and black), to my eye.
Are you trying to paint/print something to match its color? If yes, and you want to do it by hand, I would suggest starting with pure white and adding black bit by bit until you get the right tone. As @finalform suggested, keep testing it on your medium and comparing the two.

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Yeah I’m a printer by trade but no longer doing it for a couple years now though,
basically what I used to do matching colours to Pantone colours and proofs.

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I measured the OT’s top for you with a spectrometer and the readings I got from my specific item are:

Lab: 38,6, -1,8, -1,2
RGB: 88 92 93
Closest Pantone: 425C




Cool the reason why I was asking this is I want to get the closest color possible for my Digitakt skin

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I used to do color management on large format printers, and this post is giving me ptsd, hahaha