Colorflex sequencing MD+MNM

Greetings fellow elektronauts! Long time lurker first time poster here. Hope to be quite active with the new boards now setup! Site is looking promising.

Anyways I hope someone could help point me in the right direction on how to get Twisted Tools sweet ass Colorflex ( to sequence my MD + MNM?

I’ve been fooling around with the map editors, midi send / cc send with really no results. Its late and I am stumped, but sure it is something simple I am missing. Any help would be appreciated!


I haven’t used colorflex in long time but was just thinking about using it again for generating some random midi data. From what I remember, you can specify seperate midi channels for all of the sequences you create within the grid. What are you having trouble with exactly? Is your MD setup correctly to receive midi? What DAW are you using?

Ahh problem solved! Just using reaktor as a standalone works perfect. Using as plugin in ableton was doing something to not transmit the midi data properly. Not too bothered to find the problem, quite happy to just use reaktor as my clock.


Maybe you need to create another midi track in ableton to act as a go between to route the midi from the colorflex track to your midi out channel.

If memory serves, you have to load an instance of Reaktor as a vst and not AU. Then in the ‘midi from’ drop down menu on the MD or MnM external instrument channel, select the Reaktor/colorflex channel and in the drop down menu underneath select Reaktor as opposed to Post or Pre FX. I think that should do the trick.