Colour of buttons in mute mode

When working on some projects when I’m in mute mode if I select tracks (track button+pad) some pads turn yellow some others turn orange. Usually when selected, the pad turns yellow. Why this particular behaviour only in some projects?


TRK + Pad selects that track. It’s yellow if it’s Unmuted and Orange if it’s muted

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Usually it’s green when unmuted, grey when muted, yellow when unmuted and selected, dark orange when muted and selected. In this case if I select unmuted tracks some of them turn yellow some other turn light orange (not dark orange but light)

moreover I’ve just noticed that some of the tracks that are green result muted

You are probably in Song / Chain mode and in that mode you have “Automated” the mutes


probably u are right, just forgotten the last projects i produced i automated the mutes. since i copied one of them and when i reloaded i wasn’t in song mode i wondered the buttons turned orange instead of yellow. I’m gonna check it

I’ve just verified. If I leave song mode and I don’t restore the unmuting of the tracks the color remain dark orange. Just restored every tracks in unmuted condition and the color turned yellow.
Thank u mekohler

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