Coloured MIDI Cables?

Does anyone have a source for coloured MIDI cables? Thomann has them, and they aren’t too expensive, but shipping to North America is a bit much.

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Amazon must surely have them?

I loaded up on Cordial cables from Thomann just before brexit, but also bought a lot of budget coloured midi cables just to make cabling up easier as they don’t have to be anything special.

If its just to make them more identifiable amongst the rat-king of wires, i find that a short strip of electricians tape (one colour per lead) wrapped around each end of the wire can really help make sense of what is going where


In the absence of colored midi cables, I’ve been using these to label my midi cables. One on each end of the cable, problem solved. There are enough colors that I haven’t had to double-up too much, and when I have the devices are usually far enough apart it isn’t a problem.

i was able to pick up a couple of red midi cables at Guitar Center once but yeah not sure why this isn’t a thing generally when it would help so much


I find it helpful…


You would think Amazon has everything - so if someone can find some there and let me know that would be great. I must be searching by the wrong terms as I’ve yet to find them. :slight_smile:

Look for a brand called cable up. They make red, blue, white, black and yellow. Not super easy to find but thats the only one ive found.

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I seem to remember djtechtools having them.

So close! They seem to have coloured audio and USB cables, but sadly no MIDI.

not cheap…