Comb filter midi cc range

does anyone know how the comb filter pitch responds to midi cc?
as in does it ignore the end of the cc range?
so the comb filter pitch goes from a#0 to a9 - 107 notes
but midi cc’s are 0-127
does the OT just ignore the last 21 cc’s 106 - 127?? or maybe the first 21?

Checked into MIDI-OX.

OT sends out CC for Comb Pitch from 0 -107. I expect the same as CC input.


Nice! - thanks, that makes things a lot easier.
going to build a max4live patch that converts the midi notes in the piano roll (in live) to the correct cc for the note pitch of the comb filter. that way i can play the comb filter by feeding the channel (thru channel) audio in a noise source (or any other source - using an audio rate lfo like tides is great, and you can change it’s settings , thus changing the feel of the sound and the resulting ringing of the comb) the midi notes control the envelope and the convert to cc plays the correct note on the comb.
marry that with a patch to cycle through the midi channels of the OT per note and i hoping to make poly 8 channel resonator type instrument out of the OT
now all i have to do is code it all

Sounds cool! Please keep us informed of your progress in this thread!

I´m all into making the OT a ‘self contained musical instrument’ by only utilizing noise bursts internally. I´m exploring this area quite a bit and have a few projects with different cool results…

My ‘plan’ is to get some ‘templates’ done first in separate projects. Then when I´m ready, I´ll merge it into an All-In-End-All project. Where OT then would be the scratchpad/copypad for any kind of idea regarding sound with quick access to different methods of acheiving it in different patterns.


IIRC it behaves like this. I mapped them to a midi processor, it was logical, no weird surprises, worked really well.

Example here, just sampling empty inputs (noise) + comb filters + compressor. No samples.

Once I also mapped velocity to LP, but it changed pitch, so I had to compensate with Tune. I don’t have the script anymore.

I don’t remember if I also mapped feedback to velocity. A keytrack feedback compensation may be interesting too, higher notes being louder IIRC.

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