Comfortable Chair/Stool for musicians

Greetings Folks,

I always end up with major back pain after doing weekend recording. I’ve been looking for a chair or stool with backrest which is not an easy thing. Some would be okay, but the seat cushion is thin and hurts the bum after 20 minutes.

When I play my synth and guitars it is the worst.

Anyone find anything effective at a reasonable cost or other ideas?

I am also looking at bar stools on Amazon. They usually sell in pairs and look good, but who knows…


Wouldn’t a barstool end up causing fatigue on your back after a while?

I scored a luxury leather office style chair, which originally cost something like £500, for £10 on gumtree a few years back. Definitely one of my best bargains!

How about one of those ergonomic kneeling ones? They have no back and you sit in a strange position, but apparently th y are great for extended periods of sitting.

Edit to add that link, in case I just came across like a loon


now I’m sitting here watching ergonomic chair videos on youtube.


I was going to recommend the Ikea chair I have but it seems that it’s not in their range any longer.

It was essentially an office chair but, for me at least, had the perfect back support and tilt to be comfortable.

Has been fine for playing keys and things with too but alas! Not available!

If ever I made a “cool story bro” post this is it…


Ha! Nah man, you’re with like minded people here. Embrace your boring ways. Beige is this year’s black.


HÅG H03 330. Ergonomic, inexpensive, no armrests to get in the way of your playing, rocking mechanism that moves with you, and a small but firm back support.

Looks good, but 1000% out of my price range :frowning: Unless one of my songs become a massive hit, then I shall get me one of them thar chairs!!

If you’re suffering from back pain, and want something ergonomic that’s actually going to help, then you’re probably not going to find anything good for much less.

Also, I don’t know where you’re looking, but in the EU, you should be able to find one for about €400.

That made me laugh, thanks :grinning:

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Saddle chair with NO back support.
Dentists use them for a reason.
Bought one a year ago, felt weird at first but it really promotes good posture and helps with back fatigue.
You’ll need a table with adjustable height too, though

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Some very good ideas. I welcome any further ideas and I’ll let you know how it works out with the lower budget issue.


Hello AverageBear6

I have suffered with back pain all my life, I got a pretty severe scoliosis, even used orthosis for scoliosis when a kid…
When I completed 30 years I started to gain weight and had to start changing lifestyle, paying attention to my diet and eventually started exercising, and after 3 months of weightlifting and cardio, I am finally 80% better of my constant back pains…

So if I can give you a real good advice, put on your day some physical activity,if you have no time for weightlifting, i suggest a 30 min daily yoga routine for the back. You will feel a long-lasting difference, and will be able to sit on any chair!



Excercise or Yoga is great advice for back pain.

I do 5-min stretch routine every morning and it not only wakes me up, but I start the day relaxed and supple.

No more back problems :grin:

I use the K&M 14046 stool which is great for singing/guitar/keyboard or any other instrument. It really helps you sit straight. It don’t have a back support, but honestly I think a back support probably helps short term but it also encourages unhealthy posture.

I had massive back and shoulder problems from playing guitar that no doctor or therapist could help me with. After half a year in pain that felt like a knife between my shoulder blades I started to go swimming 3 times a week. After a week I was almost back to normal, after a month the pain has completely disappeared. I keep up that routine since some years now and I never had any back problems or shoulder problems or stiff neck after waking up ever again since.

The only true solution for back problems is to change your lifestyle. Swimming improves your posture and breathing and with that it also improves your technique with pretty much any instrument you play. I see it as part of my vocal exercise.


Used a kneeling chair similar to this for a while and quite likes it. Helped with the lower back especially.


I just ordered one of these, I like the compact base and the fact that it can be used in a semi standing posture too.

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Sorry to bump the dullest topic but my studio chair is terrible. It’s like half gaming chair half office chair. It doesn’t tilt, it’s bolt upright with a head cushion that makes it over-upright and it doesn’t go high enough by about an inch so my wrists get sore on the corner of the table. What are you sitting on in 2019 people? Wondering the actual price point to resolve this, where is the point of diminishing returns? Some of the fancier chairs are £££. Kneeling chairs still good 2 years later @jefones ?

Sitting? I stand!

At my hardware desk at least, where I spend by far most of my time making music. Cheap kneeling chair at my PC desk.

Good advice I’ve read somewhere: the best sitting posture is the next one. Ie. keep changing posture.

+1 on the yoga advice. I do a short exercise routine every morning and evening and it’s been a great help to keep flexible.

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I tried standing at my reg desk but it’s killer on my neck, I bought an ikea knotten standing desk

but there’s not a whole lot of space for much more than one thing. The desk ended up being a turntable stand. Looks nice though. Considered one of the fancy electric adjustable height ones, not sure if I’d just end up dragging the cables out of everything every time I used it

DIY stacking :smile: