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Daniel Troberg - Bolivia EP

Of course a lot of Elektron action in here with MD, OT and MM.

Palette Recordings (PALDG11)
Digital only ep, release date Feb 25, 2014

Daniel Troberg - Bolivia EP


  1. Bolivia
  2. m3ltfac3
  3. The biggest thing I have ever seen
  4. Bolivia (John Tejada Remix)

Wow. Swell sound on the “dance” tracks, but my favorite is probably the third track! Some lovely textures in that one. Close contest with the fourth track - which sounds very, very sweet indeed. :slight_smile:

Sounds great dude!

Cheers Mr. Troberg!

Lovely sounds and textures - pure quality!

Another essential release in the Palette catalog!

Great stuff, well done! :+1:

Enjoyed it! Thanks and will share with friends