Commuter - an album made out of FM radio samples captured by my OP-1 and arranged on Octatrack

Originally conceived as an exercise. I wanted to get into beatmaking and sampling, but I didn’t have crates of vinyl hanging around so I just took stuff from the radio as it was playing. I don’t even know the source of half the samples at this point. I hope you like it.


Brilliant idea!

First of all, this album is way too short. 25 songs? That’s just lazy. :wink:

2 Ashley. Okay, that’s very catchy. You got me.

3 Emulator. Love the plonky deep piano/keys sounds coming in now. Steady treading beat. That wood snare/rim type of hit is great. Really holds things together. Ties the room together better than The Dude’s rug.

7 Month to Month. Haha! Recognize the vocal. Good title. Bass is yooouuuge.

12 Commuter Rail. Nice Com Truise-ish vibe. Very catchy.

14 A Wretch Like Me. When those keys drop… very cool.

15 Between Two Deaths. That icy flute-like part panned to the left. Magical. Contrasts so well with the synthesized beat.

18 Try to Understand. Freaky little Rhythm. Dig those vocal samples. Slippery wavy line running through this. Those panning airy keys are fantastic. Favorite so far I think. Bass is kicking but not distracting. Cool delay freakouts. Nice!

21 Mosaic Galaxy. Guitar and slamming snare give this almost a late 60’s rock vibe. Maybe another White album era Beatles lost demo song remixed by Danger Mouse’s cousin.

22 Date Night. Recognize that guitar! Great fun picking out these samples. Great 80’s-ish atmospheric reverb. Very vibey. Would like to hear a version sans-vocals though -sorry, just my opinion remember. Cool shoegaze guitar.

23 Hoverboard. Tight and funky sidewalk strolling music. If you had this on your headphones walking around town, I’m guessing people would look at you and think to themselves - Hmm, I wonder what that guy’s secret is? He sure seems to have things all figured out.

25 Sorites. Those drums are delicious. Ran through Analog Heat by any chance? So nice and crunchy. Lot of tension building in this track.

This is some really cool, flavorful, and unique work, imo. It is obviously well-produced and chock-full of high-quality and tastefully chosen/made/sequenced samples but not at the expense of a feeling of serendipity, playfulness, and spontaneity. This music knows it’s cool, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and doesn’t give a f*ck about proving itself to anyone. Just has such a nice relaxed and confident attitude. Thanks for putting it out there and letting us listen. :relaxed:

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Wow. You rock.

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Randomly came across this on Reddit - missed the post here - but love it from the very brief sample listen I had. Anything with an opening track sampling Hall & Oates (I think…) is a winner! Liked it enough to get the album!

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It’s also really making me question why I sold my Octatrack… :frowning:

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Honestly, I just finished the follow up album and I’m pretty much done with the Octatrack workflow for a while. Linear sequencing is next for me. Thanks a lot for getting the album, and you’re correct about the source of that sample!


Have now worked through the album and have to say, really enjoyed it. Having owned (and sold) an OT twice now I can appreciate the skills involved in fannying around to make things work but to make things better there are loads of samples from tunes I totally love used!

Cheers for sharing. Believe it or not, it’s quite inspiring hearing what you managed to do! Must try something similar with my DAB and Push 2. If that doesn’t work then shit, I’ll just need to get an OT again… ha!

It’s an inspiring machine for sure. I haven’t even cracked the surface with the arranger. Which samples did you recognize, out of curiosity? I’m trying to figure out the sources for them all, and I’m sure some will never be identified (the random Latin and classical stuff for example).

gotta second @Bwax’s closing remarks … this was super fun to listen to, enjoyed trying to pick out your source material … i expect you’ve got a 70s/80s pop station nearby :slight_smile:

Just found this, enjoyed listening so far, a good listen

Awesome stuff!

Out of personal curiosity, did you have to clear the samples? I’m always so worried about copyright that I wouldn’t dare sampling songs from the radio. I use only public domain/royalty free sources. But maybe I’m missing something obvious here.

No, I don’t actually know what more than half of the samples are, and so few people have actually heard the album compared to the source material that I doubt any record company executive would bother pursuing it. I’m not charging anything for it anyway.


Great stuff.
Listening to this I’m thinking how can some people say the OT sounds like shit lol.

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I love this

Gonna try and give my feedback later on. This is cool, buddy (Y)

This is about 100x better than I thought it would be. Defo ‘pon the download : ) Ironically I will be enjoying this mostly during my commute.

Out of curiosity, what made you check this thread? It’s a year old now, and I’ve released more stuff since then that I think is much better… but thank you, thank you for the kind words nonetheless!