Compact Flash status LED on OT mk.1

Just recently, I’m seeing the CF led is yellow a lot of the time, both dimly lit and fully lit. This is a recent thing, it is usually dim green or lit green and I rarely ever use static machines.

Does anyone know if this is something to be worried about? In the manual it states that the yellow light is when data is queued up but not written yet. Its definitely a recent thing (I am constantly aware of the green led and frequently use double stop to let it do it’d thing and turn dim).

Have you started switching banks more? Switching banks causes some card activity…


Just tested and you are indeed right, its happening when I switch banks. Weird that i’ve only started noticing it recently, but if its harmless/normal then thats good.

I was worried that the CF card was wearing out! :smiley:

edit: nearly forgot to say thanks for pointing this out!