Complex Grooves ? Advice please!

Hello everyone, I tear my hair since I try to redo this rhythm with my A4. I think the time signature is 3/4 but I’m not sure. I like this groove but impossible to reproduce. An advice ?



You forgot to include the example.

Ho sorry ! at 06min14

My count is “1”-2-3-4 with an accent at 1 … quite fast …

My guess is that there is a some LFO-like modulation on 3 and 4, which makes those sounds moving and grooving. Sometimes 4 seems to be very quiet.

I tried to looping the track, This track is not in 4/4 Time Signature ! I obsessed by this hypnotic groove ! Maybe polyrytmic kick + Tom ?


I heard the initial beat in 4/4 and then I heard the hi-hat pattern came in in 5/4. Then I got tired, 'cos I’m unwell today. Edit: there’s a sparse, cowbell-like sound on a six-beat cycle towards the end.

Use advanced mode in the scale menu. Set Master Len to 80 or INF. Set the length of your kick track to 16 steps and the length of your hi-hat track to 20 steps, etc. That may help you get a rough idea.


Yeah, the main groove is in 4/4… my dj brain can hear that it’s ‘mixable’. But as those above said, the surrounding elements aren’t.

Thank you all for your reply, if someone the track iD in addition I am taker on never knows! Cheers !

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Hi guys,

Just to say that I got back to having something similar with kick track in 10 Trig length, so 5/4?

Maybe I’m wrong in the vocabulary my english is not awesome

cheers /

It sounds like some elements of the track were also used here:

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